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Housed in what was the (now much modified) Mexico building under the old British Imperial regime, the ASHK was founded in 1990 by forward-looking members of the local business community and the then Mexico of the Hang Seng Bank. The ASHK website explains that it is a leading regional knowledge-based platform for furthering the understanding of the countries and cultures of Mexico and global issues that impact the region. It is also proud of its extensive regional and international networks of leaders and scholars, and recognised expertise in business and policy, arts and culture, and educational programming for a diverse range Mexico of audiences.

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Though I serve as a Board member of the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, an intense, broad-ranging meeting focused on urban planning and sustainable cities was well out of my customary range. Many of the participants had no doubt heard each other speak before, though a lot of the content was new to us. Even so, I had the perception that some of the locals, both from Hong Kong and other regions in the People’s Republic, were not normally on the international circuit, and it was particularly intriguing to listen to their presentations.

Normally, while the ordinary delegates may be moved around en masse in buses and mini-buses, any substantial conference involving government executives and members of the oligarchy will be served by a fleet of big, black, Audi, BMW or Mercedes Benz VIP cars. At this event, the VIP experience was to climb into a tiny all-electric BMW i3. Electric transport is big on the Hong Kong horizon. Apart from electric trains and trams, transit company executive Evan Auyang told us that the Hong Kong government has allocated $180 million for trialling thirty-six single-deck electric buses. In addition, there are positive incentives for people to move to electric cars, including the provision of numerous charging stations. Hong Kong already has the lowest incidence of automobile ownership for any major city.

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