Tubing in Laos

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I took a bus this morning at 9 a.m. from vang viang to Luang Prabang.

So we are now in Luang Prabang. And today is my birthday. And, we’re going to get some food Abby’s treating me to a nice fine cuisine dessert.

And some wine. And she took me out for dinner earlier today. And yeah there was we were the only two in the whole restaurant.

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And they forgot our order and. So on another table came like 20 minutes after us they started serving them instead of us and. So that’s kind of a good reflection of how the whole serving system’s been in Laos all the server’s are either kind of miserable looking or just terrible at their jobs but yeah, we’re in no hurry.

So that’s okay but everyone else in Laos is incredibly nice. So, it’s going to be having the best time here my beautiful girlfriend. And I are celebrating my 22nd birthday at the nicest hotel in Luang Prabang long prabang.

And maybe Laos. So, I’m getting a creme brulee laura is getting what are you getting chocolate mousse with whipped cream mousse. And roasted almonds.

And reach got a glass of fine French red wine. I kid you not this is the best glass of wine. I’ve had ever.

I haven’t had red wine let alone any wine since coming to Thailand. So, it’s been like two. And a half months.

And this is actually like a nice French wine. So this is. So good good nuts tastes good too Abby loves the nuts Bon Appetit Abby got her cream or what she Abby got her mousse.

I got my creme brulee with my ice cream. And this night is kicking off just fine don’t worry Dorothy they’re perfectly safe.

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