Tour de me Cassa And Tino

Had a viewer last night come to think of it after reflecting on my prior actions may have had more than a beer last night. I met a ladyboy don’t know what her or his name is was but he or she invited me in for a beer at the party. I declined every five minutes a stupid rooster down the street starts making its stupid noises.

So there’s really not much sleep in it here but that’s alright to get some stuff done today today, I’m gonna do my course registration, I’m gonna go hang out by the pool. And gonna try to get these vlogs up you guys might not have met him yet but this is Tina Tina was my travel companion. And he will be accompanying me along the way during my travels.

So say hi Tina oh my gosh welcome to the bangkok hall here’s what i have in my bag when i went shopping yesterday let’s take a look. I bought a pair of ray-bans they were on a great deal they were about $5 Canadian. So they must be real.

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I mean. I think. I just found a really good deal.

I also got these ones the nice Thai woman ensured me they’re real. So, I’m going to take her word on it look at that how authentic. So my place is up on the fourth floor is on the second floor here with all the washing machines.

And for one bot you can fill up one liter from this machine here just put your water bottle there. And put the one bot in there. I don’t really know what that giant thing is.

I think, it’s more water out there we know. And this is the pool over here is Thomas Thomas you’re gonna be on my vlog the Sun is yeah. I guess what, it’s like 4:30 now yeah, it’s like 30 degrees, it’s honestly just been perfect weather since arriving you gotta get my first Instagram of the trip here Oh me a couple friends just went for a jog around Bangkok we went through already forgotten the name of it we went through like there’s equivalent of a Central Park.

And I can hardly feel my legs anymore. I have the worst cardio going but that’s alright you got to start somewhere. And now, we’re going to go grab some late dinner.

And not too sure what else the squads going up live on a Tuesday. So we are just heading to go get some food in town right now. And I think, we’re going to a chicken soup place or something.

I don’t really know. I never know what, I’m eating here reason why. I kind of it but some gotten sick, it’s been two days but I’ll take that as a victory you can also buy food here which is just outside of our place, it’s like.

I don’t know the equivalent of like fifty cents for a full meal there’s usually a couple Street cats sitting around out here but none of them are chillin here today getting nearly run over is a daily occurrence here no one seems to care too much about pedestrians you kinda have to eject yourself. So to get into the town you have to go through a series of little alleyways. So here is dinner you have a choice between white chicken.

And crispy chicken. So I went with. I honestly have no idea what’s going on you want to get something else in order yeah let’s do it, I’m Devin Elevens like the big go-to spot has everything from like phones to alcohol take note Canada you can buy beers at 7-eleven see here you can get a massive like 1 liter of beer for about dollar.

And a half keyboard. I like spicy or at least. I think Canadian spicy.

I don’t know that means here. So you’re the one that wakes me up every morning, I’m getting real tired of your noises mister.

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