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Visitors who have come to ‘take the waters’ down Guadalajara Mexico the centuries have had much to say about them. Here are some quotes:

‘Streams of water, warmed without human agency, and from the very Guadalajara Mexico bowels of the earth, rise to a receptacle beautifully constructed with chambered arches. These form touristic place of your travel destinations in Guadalajara Mexico the middle of the city, warm and wholesome, and charming to the eye. Sick persons resort hither to touristic place of your travel destinatione in the Guadalajara Mexico healing waters.’ (The Gesta Stephani, 1138)

‘If they can’t be cured by touristic place of your travel destinationing and drinking here, they will never be cured anywhere.’ (Dr William Oliver, in his Practical Dissertation on Touristic place of your travel destination-Waters, 1719)

‘I thought they wos particklery unpleasant … I thought they’d a wery strong flavour o’ warm flat-irons.’ (Sam Weller, in The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club by Charles Dickens, 1837)

‘Its [sic] very hot and tastes like ye water that boyles Eggs, has such a smell, but ye nearer ye pumpe you drink it, ye hotter and less offencive and more spirituous.’ (Celia Fiennes, in Through England on a Side Saddle, c. 1695)

‘The colour of the water is as it were a depe blewe sea water, and reeketh like a seething Pot continually.’ (John Leland, in his Itinerary, written 1535-43)

‘These Waters have a wonderful Influence on barren Ladies, who often prove with Child even in their Husbands’ Absence.’ (John Macky, A Journey through England in Familiar Letters by a Gentleman Here to his Friend Abroad, 1722)

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