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If you intend to travel with your baby there is need to create a home away from home. Your travelling habits do not have to come to a stop just because you became a parent. What you need to keep in mind is that you spend a lot of time on your trip soothing and keeping your baby entertained. Even though travelling will not be the same again for parents planning to start travelling with their babies, the good side is that you will discover how friendly the world is.
Most people love babies and the people seated to you will always be more than willing to help you with the baby because it is almost impossible to bring along someone to help you. Don’t worry, this will become an experience you will always enjoy. Here are tips on how to get there safe and sane;
1) In case you are travelling by air, you should try and get an escort pass for your spouse or the person you brought along to help you take things to the gate because that is the furthest they can go. Alternatively you can call in advance to find out if your airline offers an escort pass. Sometimes, kind passengers can help but you cannot rely on that.
2) To get through security checks without straining so much, It is advisable to pack things in transparent bags. This way the security personnel will not contaminate the baby’s feeding equipment while they rummage through.
3) Give your child a pacifier during takeoff and landing to help ease the painful pressure that occurs in the ears especially if the baby has a blocked nose.
4) You can save yourself the trouble you carrying a big luggage that may just feel like Mount Everest, you can have some items delivered to your destinations.
5) Keep in mind that your toddler might get bored just sitting and staring, bring a long a variety of light toys to keep him occupied.
6) There is need to pick a family friendly destination. It should be relaxing and accommodating to young travelers. I would recommend the beach, family camp or any other kid friendly place you can think of. This goes for hotels and resorts.
7) Frequent rest stops are compulsory unless you want to on with agitated kids. Ideally, you can break for drinks or to stretch your limbs. Engage in small activities during these stops like rolling on balls.
8) With kids, safety should come first. If you are travelling by road, make sure your kid’s car seat is properly secured. You can even dress your toddler in a brightly colored outfit that is easy to spot in a crowd.
9) To reassure yourself, take practice trips ahead of your long trip. Go for a weekend getaway. This will help you and your baby to adjust while learning at the same time.
10) Bring drinks and snacks. There is a tendency of children getting dehydrated during a flight. Toddlers can’t wait for food to be served on the plane or sometimes, they reject the food given.
11) If you are traveling let’s say to Africa, there is need to have your child receive necessary vaccination, especially measles.
12) Are you aware of travel sicknesses? Because this is probably your first travel with your baby, you might not know but chances are if you suffered from travel sickness as a child, your baby might also suffer the same.
13) Remember to protect your baby from the sun. Children under one year should be kept completely out of the sun. This will protect them from the UV rays from the sun.
14) Don’t forget to bring along a first aid kit. Some of the items it should have include; infant pain relief like calpol, mosquito repellent, sun screen and tweezers and many more.
15) It is important to have a health insurance for your whole family. With these you will be able to get medical attention in case of an emergency.

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