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Public versus Private Toronto Travel Campgrounds

Campgrounds are found in all fifty states. Those on public lands”which include National Parks, National Forests, state parks, and state forests”are generally the most desirable, as the locations tend to be especially beautiful. They also provide the easiest access to wilderness areas.

The campgrounds in National Parks and popular state parks are often in great demand-, with advance reservations typically required. Some campgrounds are completely booked weeks or even months ahead of time. Not all campgrounds accept reservations, however, and those in lesser-known areas may rarely be full.

I Even campgrounds that take advance reservations sometimes make a number of sites available on a first-come, first-served basis. Always call a campground ahead of time, if possible, to check on space, especially if you’re heading for an out-of-the-way place (some don’t have a phone, in which case you’ll have to take your chances). Without reservations you’re more likely to get a space if you arrive by late morning or early afternoon.

Quite a few public campgrounds are free, and some of the others charge a very low fee. These tend to be found in the most remote locations, sometimes accessible only by rough roads, and facilities are usually extremely limited and primitive. Make this kind of campground your first choice if you want to avoid crowds.

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