St. Petersburg Florida Travel Guide

If you live in or are headed to Florida sometime this year for a road trip, odds are you may visit one its theme parks or beaches. There are however, some weird and wacky places in the Sunshine State that are off the beaten path but may be worth a visit. Here are seven of them.

1. Spook Hill – Lake Wales. Florida. Located on Fifth Street, in a West Central Florida community, Spook Hill gives the illusion you can put your car in neutral and actually roll UP Spook Hill. This gravity hill has become such a noted attraction a school nearby is called Spook Hill School and has a ghost as its mascot. A sign is located at the bottom of the hill providing instructions on how to experience the weird phenomenon. Best of all it’s free!
2. Spiritualist Camp Cassadaga, Florida. This small, rural town is located between Deltona and Deland, Southwest of Daytona, Beach. It was founded in the late 1800’s by a Medium from Iowa and Wisconsin who were directed by a spirit Indian named Seneca to found a spiritualist camp in Florida. Soon, spiritualists from around the country were wintering there, and soon living there year round. To this day Cassadaga has a unique feel about it and has become a haven for tourist around Halloween. It is hard to even drive through to the town and not feel something odd about it.
3. The Drive-In Church Daytona Beach, Florida. Daytona Beach has its share of tourist traps. You can drive on the beach, take a drive around Daytona International Speedway and drive into church. The Drive-In Church is a unique way to worship without worrying with about what you are wearing or getting a case of the giggles while in Church.
4. Giant Sloth Statue Miami, Florida. This 15 foot statue is in front of the Miami, Museum of Science and looks part prehistoric and part Grinch Who Stole Christmas. You’ll find it at 3280 South Miami Avenue in Miami.
5. The Citrus Attraction at Boyett’s Groves Brooksville, Florida. Some refer to it as quirky, others as Old Florida. Before Disney and Universal Studios, Florida was full of attractions like Boyett’s Groves with its 60’s like feel. There’s an ice cream shop, arcade, dinosaur cave, souvenir shop and zoo. A step back in time.
6. Pyramid Condos and Giant Beethoven Head Fort Myers, Florida. Not sure what Beethoven and Pyramids have I common but you can see them both in this time-share village in Fort Myers at 7000 Constitution Loop, in Fort Myers. You may have to view from a distance as no-trespassing signs have been put up to discourage those wanting to view the unique area.

7. Cruise Ship Hotel Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The Yankee Clipper Hotel was built in the mid 50’s to look like a cruise ship and they did an excellent job. Inside, at a below deck bar, patrons can catch a swimming me-maid or two on weekends.

If you are hitting the road this year, catch some of these unusual attractions, and, of course, drive carefully. Florida has some unique driving situations in that storms can brew quickly and planning on the roadways happens quickly. You also have a variety of driving styles from all over the country in Florida. Add that to a great number of people driving unfamiliar rentals during in-season and driving can be quit the experience.

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