Vienna Travel Guide

If you are going to visit one of the well-developed Old EU countries with ancient history, you have a chance to spend less and see more. Just go to one of the following gorgeous cities.

1.Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Eindhoven is a typical city of so-called Old Europe. The locals are friendly with all the tourists, who respect the city. It is related to the fact that in the past Eindhoven has been destroyed several times and then rebuilt by the inhabitants.

Last minute tours will to save a tidy sum. Despite the tours to this Dutch city are not too expensive, there are a lot of leisure options.
Eindhoven, located in the southern part of the Netherlands, combines the modern buildings with the old cozy narrow streets harmoniously. Mostly, tourists bring from Eindhoven the world-famous Dutch clogs as souvenirs. Eindhoven is perfect for a quiet family holiday in the city with unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.
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2.Taastrup, Denmark.
Taastrup is situated close to the capital of Denmark, and it has excellent transport links. You can relax and easily get to Copenhagen that makes the city more attractive. The city itself is modern and busy. The beautiful new architecture is combined well with the old city blocks, built many years ago. Therefore, tourists enjoy walking through the streets and looking at perfect modernity and antiquity tandem.

Besides the beauty of the city, tourists are attracted by the great yacht club.

There are also a lot sights to see: the museum of archeology, archeology exhibition halls, the open-air theater and parks for games in disc golf.

3.Gera, Germany.

Gera is the city in the Thuringia state, which is known for its deep history. Botanical garden of Natural Science Museum in Gera covers an area of 0.7 hectares. It resembles English-style gardens, which are very popular among tourists.

4.Birmingham, the United Kingdom.

Birmingham, the second largest city in England, is located in the West Midlands region. Modern Birmingham is full of life, like a pulsing artery, and the local glamorous shops, bustling pubs and trendy clubs maintain its smooth operation, attracting more and more tourists.

5.Strasbourg, France.

Ancient Strasbourg is a frontier city; it is located almost at the junction of France and Germany. The Europe Bridge connects French and German coasts. The city is the historic capital of the Alsace region. It arose on the site of a Celtic settlement. Strasbourg impresses with the mix of two cultures: French and German.

UNESCO has added the central part of Strasbourg, the so-called “Big Island”, to the World Heritage List because of the unique architectural appearance.

Visit these European cities and enjoy the specific local atmosphere of sustainable prosperity, which emanates from the wisdom of times.

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