London Travel Guide

London is a place which no one would like to miss if given a chance to visit there. It has the best places to visit, and a wide variety of interesting things to do. Besides this, London is also one of the most iconic places to visit for both its views and sceneries. It also has the best places for kids; the Sea Life London Aquarium and London zoo with marine and wildlife to make their London trip an exciting one.

Over 92% of the world loves to visit London, but most of them either don’t get a chance to visit or don’t have time. But, around 30% people from western countries visit London every year. We know the first thing that every visitor would love to see is the guide or a help book where they can check the utmost places and ways to reach there with no hurdles. Here, we have mentioned some of the best things that include attractive places, restaurants, hotels, and wildlife that give you an insight about London.

1.    London Bridge

We hope you all have heard of London Bridge is falling down falling down, falling down in your childhood. But, most of us don’t know that the bridge exists in reality. Yes, it is a real and famous bridge that is counted among the best views of London, and the reason is the technology it uses i.e. bridge opens from the middle. This was the first one in the history that was built over River Thames where it opens from the middle and gives way to large ships. There are towers on its either sides from where people can view the opening of the bridge when a ship arrives. Because of this, it became the iconic symbol of London and a tourist place as well.

2.    Palace of Westminster

There is a relation between the London Bridge and Palace of Westminster place i.e. both are just 2.3 miles apart and River Thames flows just beside the Palace. If you take the waterways you can reach the palace in just 20 minutes. The palace is all about the royalty; it is the first royal palace that was built in the 11th century. It was the residence of kings of England until 1512. This is a great place to learn about the history of the city of Westminster.

3.    Big Ben

It is at the north end of the Palace of Westminster and known as an iconic landmark for the Palace. It is counted among the popular attractions of London due to its big clock, also referred as Clock tower. The specialty it keeps is its Great Bell, which rings at every hour and heard all over the Westminster.


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