Jacksonville Florida Travel Guide

What if you could play golf amidst a beautiful garden filled with flowers of different shades? What if you could hole your shots in a challenging jungle game? Golfers would love to play a casual match in such exquisite landscapes. But how many unusual courses are there in the world? The answer is, plenty. All you need is take your eyes off from the championship courses and look into the remote regions. So, if you belong to the Sunshine States of the USA and have already checked out all the finest golf destinations of Florida then this blog is just for you. We will tell you some bizarre, yet beautiful tracks across and beyond the continent. So, get your pen and paper to jot down the names for your next holiday golf trips.

The Algarve

If you are planning a trip to Europe this summer, you must visit the Algarve in Portugal. With world-class golf courses, resorts, beautiful climate, and local towns, this place is one of the front-runners when it comes to golf holidays in the continent. Make sure you find a place to stay in Vilamoura, which is a pleasant harbor town transformed into a comprehensive golf complex. An endless list of top quality golf courses will be at your disposal, starting from Victoria, Pinhal and Laguna, to golfing hotspots like Monte Rei and Penina. Stay at the five star resorts, check out the local attractions and pack your golf kit to hit the stunning golf courses.

Arizona, USA

The Grand Canyon State has more to offer to the golf loving travelers apart from the extensive and spectacular natural formation. Of course, life would have been more exciting if you could have played a match on the layered bands of red rock. But let’s be a bit more practical. It seems that finding good golf courses in the arid desert plains of the Sonoran Desert in Arizona is too much to expect. Isn’t it? Not really because there has been an influx of world-class courses emerging in this Southern State. Try out the TPC Scottsdale, The Boulders Resort to quench your thirst of golfing holidays while soaking up the local culture. So, picture yourself with a golf stick aiming to putt amidst towering mountain and incredible desert landscapes. Got it? Now pack your bag and fly away!

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