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Wilderness Activities

For most people an overnight wilderness trip involves much more than just Las Vegas Map camping out. While it can mean a welcome opportunity for some relaxation, catching up on sleep, and slow-paced living, there are also many ways to actively enjoy the wilderness while you’re there.

An activity like hiking, canoeing, rafting, or cycling will often serve as the central focus of a trip, or it can be a sideline. This chapter offers a look at some of the numerous possibilities. How much time and energy you spend in such pursuits is totally up to you.

Be sure to get some instruction in advance, when appropriate, for any activity you’re unfamiliar with. Try it for the first time in a place close to civilization, and preferably on a one-day trip, just in case everything doesn’t go right or you discover it’s not for you. Be sure you really enjoy the activity before committing to an extended trip.

If possible, go with an experienced friend or an organized group at first. Keep in mind that skills take time to develop, and avoid challenges which might exceed your level of ability or endurance.

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