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Man since time immemorial has this tendency to travel and see places. Since prehistoric times, human being has been travelling for one reason or the other. In the earlier times while it was primarily for food, water and shelter, in the later times human being used to travel more to seek better opportunities and a better life. Even in the present times humans travel seeking better opportunities and a better shot at life. One reason that stands apart from all the other reasons as far as the tendency of human beings to travel is concerned is to perform their religious obligations. The religion of Islam has ordained that all true Muslims should make a pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah at least once in their lifetimes. It is the sacred duty of all true Muslims to make sure that they go to Makkah and perform hajj there.

Although millions of Muslims travel to Makkah every year to perform hajj there are many things that bother them. There are certain factors that need to be addressed in order to make sure that every true Muslim who is performing the hajj does not feels uncomfortable in every sense of the term. Muslims who decide to go on a hajj are always wary about the safety of their travel and whether they would find the right accommodation once they have reached the city. An important point to note is that every true Muslim wants to lead his/her life according to the tenets of Islam. The same principle is applicable when he/she is performing the hajj. But help is closer than imagined.

Any Muslim who wishes to embark on the religious sojourn of hajj can do so through the tour operators who offer various packages for the same. The only thing is that the tour operator should be genuine and also be able to identify with the religious sentiments of the Muslims who go on the hajj. The Hajj and Umrah tour operator should make sure that in no way the pilgrim feels that he is being neglected and is not able to perform his religious duties as ordained in Islam. For instance halal food should be made available to the pilgrim and also he/she should be able to offer prayers as and when he likes in addition to the number of times prayer is obligatory in the religion.

The hotel where the operator has arranged for the pilgrim to stay must make the halal food available and also must have all the procedures and processes in strict accordance with the tenets of Islam. The Muslim pilgrim should feel right from the bottom of his heart that he is performing the most important and the most sacred duties of his life nothing whether the place where he is made to stay or the places that he is taken to as a part of the tour should compel him to go astray from his/her religious duties.

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