If you don’t want to change things up glided which. I got my heritage we started off her day by driving into Vancouver. And stopping off at hair by NAMM Road starin M road has been Laura’s hair girl for the past two years brought Laura from being a blonde to blue to pink. And now she’s brought Laura back to being a brunette so it was my turn to change it up. And I actually go upstairs to add a bit of blue on to my hair got a bit of a sun kissed look going on. And absolutely love definitely check her out if you’re in the Vancouver area after getting my hair did we headed to the hotel. And kicked off our downtown we can get away holy cuz of you looking to be counted place over there there’s the countryside okay welcome back to the vlog by the way oh yeah where are we we’re downtown right now. And three different trains. I may question celebrating Wilders early where things pretty nigh broke anyway for her birthdays know I’m planning a really fun day.

And I’m excited on a nice clear day this is what we’re lucky to call our backyard you can actually see the mountains running through all around the city there. And the ocean is on that side the other side of Vancouver it’s almost like a little island laura has organized a big surprise birthday for her older sister who’s turning an age that. I won’t disclose but Laura has set up a bunch of activities for us tonight we’re staying right now at the pinnacle hotel in an awesome awesome area Vancouver laura has gone full out here with the party decorations kate is gonna be blown away alright I’m gonna go get them. I love the prizes ha ha surprise surprise wow they’re not here wait yeah suppress the bride are you around here have to run through okay where we going on cafe secret oh yeah so we’re going to our first officer socialite organize that activities like crawl cells we don’t like facing off in the pinnacle ‘mobile oh my gosh that’s service though did you do thank you very much Kate the pride the pride you know what it is yeah yeah it is I’ve done it once before it’s so much fun so are this Lipscomb one under it’s here in Vancouver.


And it literally like playing golf but without being exposed to the weather which. I love you can come into this little awesome bar area get some food drinks you got a green you take a swing go see where it’s golfing local to do for work give me good no you’re good you’re looking good all right down the middle we’re here every day are you. I discovered that he’s a much better golfer than. I am which is fine I’m very competitive so any sense anyone like that is the heart a little bit but we all get to that oh that was off the course of it. I keep it away yeah no we’re going. I know we got one minute claimed our tickets thank you all right. I have never before in my entire life into a comedy show. And that is surprise number two baby I’m so excited I’ve been doing this show once. And it’s a lot of fun. And I think you proved important news for the town for their life it’s very good the outside go thank you what’s the deal with airline food. I mean is this stuff bad or what oh that’s not nice though chefs work really hard when young Thor just leaves the comedy mix now. And for like an hour straight. I had the biggest smile in my face that was awesome I’ve never been to a comedy show before but I highly recommend it that’s a fun way to kick off the night. And so we’ve come back to the hotel room we did a quick wardrobe change. And currently off to our third surprise destination Katie doesn’t know where it is it’s a club so it’s Joe will it open last night we said grand that’s an opening come back to the hotel we’re going to go to bed cuz like two o’clock right now. And good morning from the pinnacle hotel time for some complimentary all-you-can-eat breakfast. And laura is down fishing hands but.

I was going to miss out loose breakfast so yesterday was a beautiful mild sunny day here in Vancouver today. I don’t know how it came back you can see right there that it actually snowed a bit last night we never get snow like we maybe get one or two days of the year you know sometime around December January but for it to be here in March is like almost unheard of so pretty weird. I think everyone here is quite done with the snow. I can’t really complain much because I’ve been gone the entire time but still. I feel for my people I’ll show you guys around Vancouver a little bit let’s go find a coffee shop that’s come out of the coffee shop what is this keeps changing it’s like we had beautiful sign yesterday we had snow. And now it’s just like okay the window here. And now there’s just ugly rain so we just ordered using like a post made kind of service delivered burritos. And tacos right to the bed what more could you ask for this is going to be a bit of a jarring transition but we’re now in the next day Laura. And I had a nice date night plan ahead of us we were going to go for dinner we’re going to go see a movie. And then none of that happened we basically fell asleep. And that was the end of the night we didn’t even eat dinner last night but check this out this is our incredible view today the mountains are kissed by the snows of already we’ve just packed up it has been an amazing couple of nights here at the clinical hotel. I highly recommend it it’s a great spot. And definitely has a lot of amenities now we are going back to where we live which I’m not going to disclose what’s up guys what’s with the big smile I’m going to show you why I’m smiling so big right now a bit of a nervous smile but also a very very excited smile you.

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