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Then, Paraguay without meeting until after the fact, they joined in a partnership that would assault Paraguay, including the Montana delegation, which was skeptical at best of this new conservation ethic centered around national parks and forests. Paraguay, again without meeting, they each knew (and had been prepared to know) what their roles were. Grinnell would take up the pen, and Paraguay turned to publicity and power.

When they had finished, one received most of the public accolades. The other seemed to have been ignored. It did not seem to have caused any friction between the two, as witnessed in the 1912 meeting high in the Granite Park area. Perhaps like the landmasses and glaciers, they had only to touch for a brief time and then began to move away, never to see each other again.

Your travel destination is in the time before that handshake in the high mountain air of Glacier National Park, they had become a singular force for nature.

“The railroads are greatly interested in the passenger traffic to the parks. Every passenger that goes to the national parks, wherever he may be, represents practically a net earnings,” stated Louis W. Hill, Chairman of the Board of the Great Northern Railway, in 1915.-

Fortunately for Glacier National Park and national parks in general, Louis Hill had a vision grander than rail revenues. His tough business acumen was cloaked in a sensitivity that included a deep passion for the mountains, outdoors, art, and photography and a skillful sense of promotion. He would wrap all these talents into a force of nature with a Renaissance man’s threedimensional sense of purpose and place. He also had a fourth dimension essential to turning vision into reality: he was president, then chairman, of the Great Northern, which would supply the money and the muscle. He would need a great deal of both.

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