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Henderson noting the steep, rocky walls and cliffs on the far side, which add to the drama. There are many great angles with reflections of the mountains above and especially of Henderson. Stay off revegetating areas as you reach a signpost within a rather large rocky cairn less than Y mi from the previous juncture. Stay right for Moccasin Lake (opposite the trail to nearby Henderson or Hurricane Creek) passing huge, sloped and flat rock. Henderson Cap more clearly and with even better reflections from Henderson Lake as you walk down 4 quick switchbacks on the rocky path. Turn right (SE) at the sign toward Glacier Pass a few feet to the isthmus connecting land masses between the smaller and much larger lake with only a few well-placed rocks and boulders. The visceral experience is memorizing from this area! And you are only 1 mi from juncture with E Fork Lostine River Trail 1662. Investigate further on either trail around the lake and return back up to the major intersection past (W of) Mirror Lake.

Map of Henderson | Where is Henderson? | Henderson Map English | Henderson Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

For Eagle Cap (1/2 mi to summit) walk straight from the juncture with Trail 1662 on East Eagle Trail 1920 a few feet to another signed junction. Right (Trail 1661) leads to camping at nearby Upper Lake or steeply up, then down, over Carper Pass to Minam Lake in the W Fork Lostine. Walk left (S) instead toward Horton Pass on East Eagle Trail 1910 through a lovely meadow using the rocks and logs to hop over the nearby creek. Arrive quickly above scenic Upper Lake (and waterfall behind) with a fork down to the water but stay left on the rockier trail as you ascend 12 steeper switchbacks. After the fourth switchback you see the tip of Matterhorn Peak (9826 ft), a magnificent and precipitous marble and limestone mountain, which soon defines part of the view to the N.

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