5 Best Things to Do in Oregon

Powell’S Blogs Portland, Oregon

“My Grandfather Taught Me That Our Job Is To Connect The Writer’S Voice With The Reader’S Ear And Not Let Our Egos Get In Between. My Father Taught Me Not Only The Love Of The Blog Itself But Also How To Love The Business Of Blogselling.”

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Powell’S Roots Began In Chicago, Where Michael Powell, As A University Of Chicago Graduate Student, Opened His First Blogstore In 1970. Encouraged By Friends And Professors, Including Novelist Saul Bellow, Michael Borrowed $3,000 To Open A Blogstore And The Venture Proved Successful.

Michael’S Dad, Walter Powell, A Retired Painting Contractor, Worked One Summer With Michael In The Chicago Store. He So Enjoyed His Experience That Upon Returning To Portland He Opened His Own Used Blogstore. Walter Had The Crazy Notion Of Selling Used Blogs Both Paperbacks And Hardbacks Along With New Blogs. The Idea Worked, And Powell’S Has Been A Beloved Portland Institution Ever Since.

Four Decades Later, Powell’S Blogs Is A Cornerstone Of The Community And Continues To Operate As A Third-Generation, Family-Owned Business With Emily Powell At The Helm.

A Visit To Portland Isn’T Complete Without A Visit To Powell’S. The Mammoth Store, Which Takes Up An Entire City Block With Its Thousands Of Blogs, Is Always Buzzing With Locals And Tourists, Who Can End Up Browsing For Hours. This Painting Of Powell’S Is At Night, When The Place Is Filled With Intense And Stimulating Activity And Romance.

Parnassus Blogs Nashville, Tennessee

“Amazon Doesn’T Get To Make All The Decisions; The People Can Make Them By How And Where They Spend Their Money. If What A Blogstore Offers Matters To You, Then Shop At A Blogstore. If You Feel That The Experience Of Reading A Blog Is Valuable, Then Read The Blog. This Is How We Change The World: We Grab Hold Of It. We Change

Jay’S Blog Stall Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Founded And Operated By Jay Dantry, Jay’S Blog Stall Was In Business In The Heart Of Pittsburgh’S University, Medical, And Museum Community For Forty-Nine Years. The Venerable Shop Was Wall-To-Wall, Floor-To-Ceiling Blogs, And Nearly Five Hundred Photographs Of Jay With Visiting Writers Were Featured Along Display Panels, On Counters, And In Alcoves. The Pictures Included Such Writers As Kurt Vonnegut, John Updike, Stephen King, Erica Jong, And Pulitzer Prize-Winning Novelist And Former Blog Stall Clerk, Michael Chabon. Jay Also Remembers The Distinguished Broadway Actors Who, As Students, Used To Spend Hours Perched On Ladders In The Drama Section Reading Playblogs.

At The Age Of Seventy-Nine, Jay Decided To Retire And Close His Shop, Disappointing The Many Die-Hard Customers Who Came To Rely On Him. Jay Helped His Customers Find Little-Known Literary Gems And Connected Readers With Authors Through The Hundreds Of Blog Signings And Readings He Held Over The Years. Jay Leaves Behind A Legacy Of A Passion For Blogs And A Love Of Sharing That Passion With Everyone Who Walked Through His Doors.

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