Trip to Hong Kong

So Abby.

And I have arrived in Hong Kong. I forgot my SD cards. So.

I’ve only just started filming now but we arrived late last night. And, we’re staying at my friend’s house who lives the Hong Kong he’s pretty much got a dog shelter going on he’s got four dogs including this hundred. And seventy pound massive.

I think, it’s a Russian caucus or something you know caucasian shepherd anyways, it’s a German military breed dog but yeah last night we had wine with Murphy. And his dad. And his both his parents are after an actress in Hong Kong.

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And last night we were drinking wine. And then after we found out it was like a 20 20 year old wine. And it was like $1,000.

So that’s been the start of our trip, it’s been pretty cool. And Abby is having camera Andy because this is Murphy’s camera she might steal it though. So off we go into town this is my buddy Murphy here now you see famous all 300 of my my big fans some Murphy’s driver just dropped us off.

And right over there is ozone which is the world’s tallest bar, it’s a hundred. And sixteen floors up. And we were gonna go there one night.

I don’t know when but yeah. So the guys just convinced me that. I need a haircut.

And apparently getting a haircut now at one of these really high-end Asian hairdressers who knows Abby’s an actually make sources cut her hair. I know, it’s stylish. I’ve never looked.

So good Michael this is a nice room Murphy you look like you’re born in that good. And, I’m gonna get myself a nice asian hairstyle, I’m thinking straight up gel my hair is really bad enough hello Christians fans a little welcome to Hong Kong message here by Murphy Mew they did three coats of shampoo. And conditioner.

And I don’t even know for the third thing else but my hair feels. So good. And ready for my god what do you guys think.

I should get comment below. And the final product the hippest haircut. I’ve ever gotten they actually spent.

So much time like this well. I think about an hour. And a half from beginning to end.

And like they use clips. And then they cut under the hair which. I usually don’t get done.

So high quality haircut. And I really like it right now, it’s like gelled up probably more than. I do on a daily basis but pretty trendy.

And ready to take on Hong Kong just leaving the mall where we got our haircuts Murphy. And I are looking to fly. And just on the other side here is Hong Kong Island.

And every night at 8 p.m. this whole area all lights up so.

I don’t know if, we’re gonna go tonight but one night, we’re gonna go to a Sky Bar. And watch the light ship come if he’s just gonna show us around Hong Kong Abby needs deodorant cause she’s sweating or yuvan been here in ten years. And on this side that’s the IFC building that’s the scene in Batman when Batman comes to Hong Kong.

And you know jumps down the building. And breaks through the window. And then that’s the cityscape oh the tunnels all right there are three tunnels running underneath these waters yeah cars go through underwater to get to the other side.

So there’s big tunnels under here, it’s actually. So refreshing is so much cooler than Bangkok there’s Bruce Lee said where’s Bruce Lee’s hamton laughter shame yeah.

So checking this out. So far Bruce leaves the first one. I recognize the man himself Jackie Chan.

And his handprint oh, we’ve got simit whoa, we’ve got like the exact same sized hand oh my gosh. I must shake hands with Jackie Chan one day I’ll tell him. And of course wouldn’t be a trip to China without jelly look at those handprints they’ve killed.

So many people those are merciless hands many foes have died to them Murphy’s showing us a local little Chinese market area, we’re gonna find some Egbe cupcakes is how he described it this pizza cupcake with an egg. And it sounds good. I guess welcome to the Boateng Bay Aquarium where you can buy fish in a bag look how happy he is for 200 Hong Kong dollars here’s your’s oh this one’s expensive mm Hong Kong dollars oh this guy’s only 50 where is he for a little guy I’ll see that this is the aquarium just back there.

And like like alright throw him in a bag there’s the monster house they must sell reptiles somebody’s got to do so much of in bags yeah oh my gosh look at all these Turtles check these guys out there almost a thousand bucks that was in Hong Kong that’s yeah just grab it it around man look at that guy he’s on his back time to get some eggs cupcakes seems like music excuse me he’s like weird. I’ve usually months are really fashionable be careful this giant fish wandering down a little marketplace here in Hong Kong.

And are actually in the suburbs. So, we’ve seen pretty much no foreigners everyone’s local here, we’re gonna go. And French restaurant yeah treating us to dinner, it’s not really oh my gosh, we’re home, we’re home.

And Jai is out in the open. And free well. I should get it my name is 70 pound dog hello some yeah Oh big line.

I need this that’s what she said we just arrived at dinner thank you, it’s like a really high-end French. And Japanese recipe oh thank you, we’re gonna try to fit in we just had a killer dinner I’m so full we got some of the best pasta prawns Kobe steak fine red wine creme brulee I’m.

So full like. I literally feel like, I’m gonna explode, we’re now heading to the clubbing district. So, we’re gonna get grab a cab but it’s so funny at the dinner tonight like, it’s like all of Hong Kong’s like big directors actors. And famous people but Abby. And I have no idea where they are because.

I guess we have nothing we don’t know anything about Asian culture there were reporters outside of the restaurant we were meeting at. So that was really cool. And tomorrow.

I think, we’re going on somebody’s yacht. So that’ll be cool as well we just drive from the club area are you forgetting statement. So really the club to go to 7-eleven got a couple beers.

And then probably find a new club are you liking the beat stop.

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