Sadly our first. And final flight with season 7 thank you we have just arrived Siem Reap Cambodia rar, I’m a cobra elephant very quickly you realize you bless the left the kindness of the Philippines in your back in typical Asian treatment everyone’s treating us like crap again people just yell at you. And they have no patience that got a rude but anyways you just kind of you learn to get used to it in Cambodia everything’s super cheap $3 for five days of unlimited internet tomorrow Cambodia, we’re heading off to thank Walgreens.

And for 25 US dollars today, we’ve hired an awesome guy show us beautiful temples took books are a little different in Cambodia than they are in Thailand here in Cambodia is basically a bike toeing around a trailer with a little lid on the top but I actually like this one better, it’s nicer, it’s not as big to. So, it’s more maneuverable yeah.

I had breakfast this morning for two. And a half years dollars. And it was like really really good pretty stoked on the price difference alright, it’s got her phone all set up, it’s always a bit confusing when you arrive in a foreign country.

And English is not their first language. And a vibe is very amusing spend like 50 minutes trying to figure out what the heck plans were yeah, we’re just doing one day, it’s $20 for one day. I just kind of expensive but we just got our entrance to anchor ones.

And they actually printed my face on the ticket massive like man-made trench dug around this entire wall. So, we’ve just been dropped off here by a driver at Angkor Wat this is the main template. I think.

I kind of thought our guide was going to be showing us around telling us the history but apparently, we’re on our own here, I’m not sure what the heck’s going on. So beautiful they actually dug out a massive moat around the entire wall. And this is the main temple.

I believe, I’m sure we’ll learn a bit more as we go in. And this is the palace from the inside it’s so big Abby was just saying this is the first time she’d understood why people bring umbrellas because you’re there’s no shade here.

And you’re just in direct sunlight, it’s getting pretty hot. And, it’s been less than 10 minutes shave there are monkeys oh my gosh. So, we’re in the Angkor Wat temple.


And as beautiful as it is, it’s a bit frustrating cuz we actually have no history or background on anything here. So we see all this amazing structures. And temples but we really don’t know what’s going on.

And we thought we paid $25 to have our tuk tuk driver basically drive us. And give us a tour of the temples turns out, it’s two separate things. So, we’re paying like thirty yeah, we’re paying way too much, we’re paying like thirty Canadian dollars just to have a guy drop us off at very very closeby destinations.

So that’s a bit of a frustration. I’ve been warned that Cambodia is definitely a place where you can end up spending more money than you need to just because well they’d like to take advantage of tourists. So you got to be careful.

I guess. And make sure you ask the right questions when you’re getting tours or all that did we can get a tour guide in here for 15 US dollars which doesn’t sound like much but it is because, we’ve got three tours or, we’ve got three temples to see today. And this is just one of them.

So, I’m not written, I’m not willing to spend another $45 today on top of the 20 entrance we each paid. And 25 we paid for a tuk-tuk driver more news. I am melting actually though.

I don’t think like I’d like, I’m sweating so much who needs a tour guide when you have monkeys hey guys look at this big shiny camera come grab it uh boo yeah after the past Elfie. I think this is my next opportunities for an animal selfie as a monkey comes.

And steals my camera. So because we don’t know the history. I’ve decided, I’m gonna create my own history on this Angkor Wat was established five years ago by Russian spies, it’s actually a base to protect earth against the alien invasion that’s expected to hit in 2020.

And that’s a fact yeah these statues here are built in a tribute to nickimja not the tork master uh my sweat is literally sparkly, I’m not even joking. I put like spar saliva that is such a white girl goal white girl goals sparkly sweat lookit there’s three baby monkeys climbing up ankor wat. And mom’s chasing after them mom you got to keep your kids on a leash this isn’t this is a monument for Pete.

And peppers you’re going to try to sneak into our group please speak Mandarin probably wouldn’t be too helpful. So many possibilities to visit now, I’m no history buff but if. I were the owner of a temple.

I would say this is where fights happened dog fights fights gladiators again, I’m just making up my own history but it makes sense to me we have gone off the tourist track. And found our own little area, it’s actually. So big like.

I was just saying. I don’t understand what the King would have even done once he finished building this place like how do you how do you hang out in such a large place, it’s like having a five bedroom house like who’s using the other three bedrooms you know like you do have guests over that often you need this big of a place. I doubt it.

And that’s the wall that goes around the entire perimeter you guys are much safer back home on your computers. I recommend you stay there these staircases are not meant for your average North American where is the escalator all right time to take a power break we found our own little temple. And, we’re just gonna relax here because, it’s really really hot for such a massive building there’s.

So much the entire wall is etched out with different stories there’s different figures carved into the walls. And this was all done hundreds. And hundreds of years ago.

And it still stood up throughout the years, it’s incredible even though like the arches the pillars they all have incredible intrinsic detailing like here’s just a random pillar. And you can see someone has meticulously detailed all of this, it’s crazy. I this must have taken you know years.

And years. And thousands of thousands of people a lot of slave labor to build this. So Abby.

And I are going separate ways because she’s a woman there’s different dress codes for her. And she did not pass it to get up into the top temple, I’m sure that inferior, it’s a lot of people but that’s just the way it is here. And I guess you have to buy by their culture but on the bright side.

I got to go off here. So I will show you guys what is in the top temple of Angkor Wat. So this is the view from the top peak you can see the entire forest it surrounds the massive Angkor Wat temple.

And this is the highest point of all of Angkor Wat when you see photos of Angkor Wat you often see three different Peaks in the background. And that one right there is the tallest of the three just everything has so much detailing like multiple layers of rock just carved out the most incredible thing is when you consider that it was made hundreds of years ago when theoretically their techniques of building were not nearly as advanced as ours.

And yet they still managed to build these impressive monuments that recognizes the world’s largest religious building as well as just one of the most impressive architectural feats of all time because of this at its grand grandness. And the detail that’s been done throughout the entire building when there’s Abby. So, I’m heading back to meet our tuk-tuk driver.

And we’ll go to the next temple after what. I hope to be a couple of drinks I’m so thirsty, it’s really really hot as usual.

I don’t think anyone surprised to hear that every single day here in Southeast Asia is incredibly hot, we’re heading out that wasn’t very impressive temple would have been nice. And came with air conditioning a guide. And a drink but it was really cool to see that you hear.

So much about it yeah yeah, it’s experience experience anchor1 what. I can only imagine though hundreds of years ago how cool this would have been to be here like even now like Cambodia is not very developed. And then you see this massive temple but.

I can only imagine it with Buicks more exaggerated you know hundreds of years ago when villages were at their simplest. And then all of a sudden you have this grand grand grand palace where. I assume the King lives from what.

I heard was basically that the Kings in Cambodia were racing to basically show their dominance and. So they were all building their own castles. And sorry not castles building their own temples and.

So this Angkor Wat temple was owned by a king who obviously went on to basically win the temple race. And he built what became the world’s largest religious monuments.

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