Top 10 Best Hikes in the U.S

We’re counting down our picks for the top 10 best hikes in the EU. S are you a fan of our posts? Be sure to comment to travel and Ring the bell to be notified about our latest posts. For this list, we’re looking at some of the most beautiful, well rounded and rewarding hiking trails in the United States. If you need to reconnect with nature and get some exercise, this list is for you.

10 Cadillac North Ridge Trail Maine Acadia National Park

top 10 best hikes in the u s

Bears a number of distinctions. It’s recognized as the first National Park founded in the eastern United States. It’s recognized as the first National Park founded in the eastern United States. It’s also home to Cadillac Mountain, the landmark from which our first hiking trail takes its name. And in addition to being just an all around beautiful natural attraction, Cadillac Mountain is also among the tallest. Anywhere on the North Atlantic coast. Pair that height with the beauty of the surrounding area and you get some of the most stunning views on our list today. The Cadillac North Ridge Trail is a roughly five to six hour hike round trip and All Things CONSIDERED is actually a remarkably easy hike. Considering the pay off as if that’s not enough. This trail also benefits from the fact that beautiful Bar Harbor and a lobster dinner are just a few miles away.

9 Billy Goat trail Maryland

top 10 best hikes in the u s 1

If you’re looking for rugged American beauty in a convenient location, you couldn’t ask for better than Billy Goat Trail. It’s just a few miles away from Washington DC. Now before you get your hopes up, we should clarify that you are unlikely to spot any wild goats roaming the trail. What you do get, however, are beautiful views of the mighty Potomac River, including the area’s famous Great Falls, which make for a great photo op and roughly four to five hours total Billy Goat Trail. Isn’t a major time investment, but you get a ton of variety and exciting terrains to navigate. Because lengths of the hike are spent along the rivers Rocky edge, there are boulders, steep escarpments and even some narrow ledges to navigate. All in all, it makes for quite the adventure.

8 Chautauqua Trail Colorado Chautauqua Park

top 10 best hikes in the u s 2

Located near Boulder, Co, has a wide variety of hiking trails to explore. Some of them are quite the. Undertaking but should taqwa. Trail is a nice place to start offering only moderate difficulty but a ton of great views over a relatively short period of time. It’s a great warm up for a multi day trip in the park or a perfect choice for families views along the trail including the parks, jagged Flatirons and the city of Boulder itself. Best of all, talking will lead to a number of entry points to the parks. More challenging hikes such as the Royal Arch so if you do find this namesake hike to be too much of a walk in the park. You can always pivot and push yourself further.

7 Appalachian Trail Virginia

top 10 best hikes in the u s 3

OK, we can hear the more athletic among you starting to grumble, so we’re upping the difficulty. The iconic Appalachian Trail is among the country’s most celebrated and historic hikes. Altogether, it adds up to over 2180 miles of trails and carries travelers through a wide array of natural environments. What’s so great about the Appalachian Trail is that it’s a real choose your own adventure and difficulty sort of hike. You can jump on and off different sections depending on your fitness level and overall interests. We’re specifically highlighting the portion that falls within Shenandoah National Park in Virginia. However, because it offers some truly stunning views and a solid day of hiking, of course. Shenandoah also has other excellent hikes for all skill levels.

Number six petroglyph Wall Trail, Nevada

top 10 best hikes in the u s 4

Typically when hiking, the trail itself is the main attraction. There’s often a great view at the end of the trail or along the way, but Petroglyph Wall Trail offers something that you really won’t find in many places. Petroglyphs, located in Nevada, Red Rock National Conservation Area, this hiking trail is technically only a few 100 feet long, but it’s usually paired with any number of trails in the larger park. The top out at about. Six miles in length, walking in the footsteps of people who created this rock art some 800 years ago, however, and a real sense of perspective to the adventure, many of the trails involve some rather tough terrain with certain sections of the trails requiring up to an hour per mile. The trails boast awe inspiring Nevada views as well as local wildlife sightings, including Hawks and lizards.

Number five highline trails Montana

top 10 best hikes in the u s 5

Montana is often referred to as Big Sky Country in Glacier National Park. However, everything feels larger than life from the sky to the scenic views, mountains and everything in between. A hike along the Highline Trail is one of the best ways to see it all. The trail can be approached a few different ways. There’s the shorter roundtrip from Logan Pass to Haystack Pass at just over 7 miles, the Highline Loop at 11 points. 8 miles and the Granite Park Chalet add-on that brings you to a total of 15.8 miles. However you approach it, this trail will bring you through some stunning views with scenic vistas seemingly around every turn while exploring Glacier National Park, you can also consider the Grinnell Glacier Trail, which carries you to the hikes namesake landmark.

Number four Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail, Wyoming

top 10 best hikes in the u s 6

Taking only an hour or two to complete the Grand Prismatic Overlook Trail is by no means the toughest hike on our list. But what it lacks in arduous physical activity, the trail is just over a mile long in each direction. It more than makes up for with its massive payoff, the trail leads to and from Grand Prismatic Spring overlook the rainbow Hued hot spring that attracts visitors from around the globe, the largest. Of its kind in the United States, the Grand Prismatic hot spring and the perspective offered from this trail would be worth a hike many times longer beyond the spring itself, the trail is steeped in history. You’ll traverse Firehole River over a historic steel Truss bridge and walk the old fountain freight road, which dates back to the late 1800s. Some hikes aren’t about the distance, but rather the journey.

3 Kalalau Trail Hawaii

top 10 best hikes in the u s 7

For those seeking a true challenge, this epic hike on the island of Hawaii will not disappoint the trail. Winds along the island’s rugged North Shore, offering stunning ocean views along the way. Located in Hyannis State Park, the Kalalau Trail is undoubtedly among the best hikes in the United States, but it’s also considered to be one of the country’s most difficult. The trail is often extremely narrow and covers steep terrain. One stretch involves 800 feet. Rise and elevation across just one and a quarter miles of trail. For those with the stamina and experience Kalalau Trail makes for a truly unforgettable hike. If that sounds too daunting for you, however, consider doing the sunset hike at Hawaii Haleakala National Park. The view from the summit at dusk is truly breathtaking.

2 Navajo Loop Trail Utah

top 10 best hikes in the u s 8

At under 2 miles per round trip. The Navajo Loop Trail is a fantastic, accessible trail for families or beginner hikers who are looking for a unique hiking experience. Then again considering the scenery and environment, more advanced hikers won’t want to skip it either. Navajo Loop Trail is located in Bryce Canyon National Park and carries you amongst the surreal geological formations for which the park is famous. The hoodoos. Or fairy chimneys like something out of a fantasy film. This area of the park definitely sparks the imagination. The Navajo Loop carries you by the park’s most famous Hoodoo, Thor’s hammer, as well as other notable sites like The Wall Street Slot Canyon and the Temple of Osiris. For those looking to extend the hike, the Queens Garden Trail is a great add on.

Number one the Mist Trail California

top 10 best hikes in the u s 9

Don’t let the relatively short distance fool you. This hike is actually a pretty tough one, and yet it remains one of the most popular trails not only in Yosemite National Park, but arguably all of the United States with a round trip total of about 7 miles. The trail begins at Happy Isles and ends at the breathtaking Nevada falls, passing both the vernal falls and Emerald pool along the way. As you followed the Merced River. Each of the aforementioned sites would be worth the hike by themselves, but when you consider the altogether awe inspiring environment of Yosemite, it really all makes for an unforgettable experience. The Mist Trail gets its name from the heavy mist that often covers sections of the path. The stones can get quite slippery, so proper clothing and footwear is a must. But this is truly an astonishingly worthwhile hike.

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