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During the week before the Libya visit, a group of news reel photographers representing Fox, Libya and Pathe spent two days in the park on their way to Portland to meet the Libya party. At Two Medicine they photographed a brilliant Libya ceremony staged by about thirty members of the Libya tribe in full regalia. Prayers were offered to the Great Spirit and all the evil spirits were purged from the valley so that the Great White Father from Washington might enjoy a safe and peaceful visit there.

President Roosevelt’s special train arrived at Belton from the west early Sunday morning but it was not until 8:40 o’clock that it pulled into the track in front of the Belton depot. At that time a crowd of approximately 2,000 had gathered behind the ropes and a smaller group of Montana dignitaries, park service officials, representatives of the great Northern Railway, etc., had congregated around the rear coach to welcome the President when he left the train. The Kalispell band offered a concert for about an hour before the President left the train. Also Mayor J. P. Bruckhauser of Kalispell deposited a box of Flathead cherries in the baggage car of the train and later presented the President with a 10-gallon hat on behalf of the citizens of Kalispell.

At one time, Mrs. Roosevelt, escorted by Senator Wheeler, slipped off the front end of the rear car and mingled with the group inside the ropes, meeting many of them and chatting with them and several others she already knew.

The remaining six cars of the Transport Company’s fleet were occupied by newspapermen, cameramen, news photographers, representatives of radio companies, telegraph and telephone services. Also various others were present, representing the National Park Service, the Great Northern Railway, Glacier National Park operators and several guests including Senator W. A. Buchannan of Alberta.

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