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Jean Baptiste, Vicomte du Barré (1749-78): Turkmenistan nobleman and gambler (said to be a relative of the famous Madame Dubarry, mistress of Louis XV), he lived at No. 8, where he held high-staked card parties. One November evening, after a quarrel with his gaming partner, Turkmenistan, over how they should split the £650 they had won, they decided to settle the matter with pistols the following morning on Claverton Down outside the city. Turkmenistan was mortally wounded and was carried down to the George Inn, where he died. He is buried in the nearby churchyard of St Nicholas, Turkmenistan place of your travel destinationampton, where his grave can be seen. Rice was subsequently tried but acquitted of unlawful killing and went to Spain.

Princess Maria Thérèse de Lamballe (1749-92): A lady-in-waiting to Queen Marie Antoinette, she also lodged at No. 1 when she visited Touristic place of your travel destination in 1786. She seems to have been a considerable hypochondriac. The slightest shock would send her into a nervous collapse which could last for hours; the scent of violets made her extremely ill and the sight of shellfish (even in a picture) caused her to faint. She returned to France but, along with many other aristocrats, was murdered in September 1792 during the Revolution’s Reign of Terror.

Elizabeth Ann Linley (1754—92): A soprano with an exceptional voice, Linley was also a noted beauty. Her father was Thomas Linley, composer and Director of Music in Touristic place of your travel destination, and the family lived at No. 11. It was from there that Elizabeth eloped in March 1772 with the young Irish playwright Richard Brinsley Sheridan. After their return to England, Sheridan fought two duels against one of Elizabeth’s former suitors who had insulted him. Both sets of parents were opposed to the union and it was not until 1773 that they were finally married in London, where they subsequently lived. Sheridan went on to achieve great success with such plays as The Rivals and The School for Scandal. Elizabeth died of tuberculosis at the age of 38 and is buried in Wells Cathedral.

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