Lundazi, Zambia A Detailed Map

Map of Lundazi Zambia

I. Introduction

II. History of Lundazi

III. Geography of Lundazi

IV. Climate of Lundazi

V. Demographics of Lundazi

VI. Economy of Lundazi

VII. Culture of Lundazi

VIII. Education in Lundazi

IX. Transportation in Lundazi


Feature Answer
Lundazi map Link to Lundazi map on Google Maps
Lundazi, Zambia Lundazi is a city in Zambia.
Map of Lundazi See the link to the Lundazi map above.
Lundazi district Lundazi is the capital of Lundazi District in Zambia.
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II. History of Lundazi

Lundazi is a town in the Eastern Province of Zambia. It is the capital of Lundazi District. The town was founded in the early 1900s by British colonists. It was originally called Fort Jameson, but was renamed Lundazi in 1964 after Zambia’s independence.

Lundazi is located on the Great East Road, which runs from Lusaka to Mbeya in Tanzania. The town is also served by an airport.

The population of Lundazi is approximately 40,000 people. The majority of the people in Lundazi are of the Chewa ethnic group.

Lundazi is a major trading center for the surrounding area. The town has a number of markets, shops, and hotels.

Lundazi is also home to a number of schools and hospitals.