Layover in the Manila Airport

Abby. And I have just arrived in Manila. So we took a flight from Puerto Princesa to Manila which is still in the Philippines but we fly to Manila which is the capital city.

And we go to Cambodia in about seven hours, we’re just going to hang out here just meditate try to find some money cuz, we’ve no money left. And we need to get through today. So that’ll be fun worked.

I’ve gotten three vlogs all edited. And ready to post now. I just need to find some internet which is the biggest of all challenges because finding reliable Wi-Fi.

And Southeast Asia could be really difficult especially when backpacking place to place, we’re just looking on a goda which is where we booked most of our hotels and. So, we’re now going to Cambodia which is so much cheaper than the Philippines the Philippines we probably spent on average anywhere from as low as six hundred pesos to around thousand pesos even a bit more few nights but basically that’s like twenty to thirty five dollars per night on accommodations in the Philippines which is actually really expensive for Southeast Asia but Cambodia, we’re looking at like some nice places.

Layover in the Manila Airport Photo Gallery

And they’re coming in like eight US dollars eight US dollars for a nice place like there’s there’s a guesthouse for three US dollars like this is this is heaven are three Canadian dollars like two. And a half US dollars, it’s unreal. So I expect to see a lot of money being thrown around paper bills in the air another amazing meal on its way oh thank you we just ordered a large New York classic pizza.

And served made to serve six of our. And I are going to get ourselves we roll Abby stay away. I got a blog first.

So we have a pizza we have panoramic shot of pizza you know. And, we’re back the regulars here at Wendy’s sit like what anyways, we’re back at Wendy’s for a second time today, we’re going to get more frost news because we miss them greatly, we’ve been so much junk food today, we’ve had pizza burgers Frosty’s more ice cream.

And now, we’re getting more ice cream oh. And McDonald’s for breakfast. And we also recommend where, it’s a leftover we took a lot of money here okay this has been like a rehab day hanging towards airplane right now.

So we are leaving here at 7:45. And will arrive at 9:30. And, we’re also getting an hour.

So, it’s kind of like a three-hour flight basically it lasted three hours. And yeah next vlog you’ll see us in Cambodia Cambodia.

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