Map of Chiang Mai

So, we’re leaving this morning Abby’s got her headband on she officially thinks she’s a hippie after spending too much time in PI. So, we’re gonna go check out the white Buddha this morning was just a big Buddha up on the hill somewhere.

And after that, we’re gonna head back to Chiang Mai. So nice to have a real breakfast in Thailand, it’s really hard to actually get breakfast pretty much the Thai people like the same thing they’ll hop for lunch. And dinner for breakfast we’ll have fried rice love noodles.

And for a North American, it’s not really that enjoyable. So for three. And a half dollars which is a really good price for breakfast normally, it’s expensive if, it’s for Westerners Jesus you have less than four dollars we got a good breakfast coffee orange juice.

And yeah eggs toast. So we biked up this hill. I started everything but.

I think. So I don’t know why she’s gonna have it, we’ve arrived not. So yeah.

I know but, it’s hard you have to like cut that last little one second but anyways we took the bike off a hill we have arrived at this massive staircase which, I’m not down for yeah yeah they need one of those little handicap lifts but uh the white Buddha is just in view awaiting our arrival Abby’s getting a sweat on but that’s okay she doesn’t shower anymore because she’s become a hippie. So, we’ve been walking for 30 whole seconds. And Abby’s dying she’d ask for a break but, I’m a trouper, I’m gonna go through the full minute, it’s 40 degrees today cuz, it’s been 40 degrees every day.

And as you may know that’s hot we made it. I think you take your shoes off yeah respect feet are conservative considered really dirty in most Asian cultures. So, it’s actually disrespectful to point your feet at anything.

And shoes are very disrespectful to wear it to holy places wow this is bigger than. I thought. And from the top this is the view you can oversee pi but today’s a bit cloudy actually.

Map of Chiang Mai Photo Gallery

So you can’t really see past the mountains you just see a slight outline Abby’s attempting to make a cool picture probably won’t turn home just popping in guys to say the buddha was big. And white like its name the big white buddha. And it is so hot that i do not care how big it is, I’m gonna leave get on my bike. And get some water but it is quite impressive headed back to Chiang Mai, I’m gonna start filming. And put it into time-lapse we made it off of the route 1:09 5 which is the route that goes from Chiang Mai depay, it’s the really beautiful windy one my hair is probably totally crazy from the wind oh my butt hurts.

So much Oh miss yeah my hair probably looks totally insane right now but that was an awesome ride you pretty much did it in record time there’s like 80 no. I think, it’s 95 kilometers probably didn’t legging hour. And a half to two hours yeah anyways hopefully the time-lapse turned out.

So we have seriously downsized we now have the clown mobile Abby. And I had two backpacks. And both of us sitting on here today.

And we literally look like, we’re going to clown stick you staying at a place called my mom home sup ladies lick his tan tan. And sunscreen on today if you couldn’t freaking dude your statues aren’t accurate until you add a butthole to them that’s a solid statute another beautiful temple here the main part of the city’s action old Chiang Mai. And what it is is basically there’s actually a man-made moat that goes around the entire city.

And almost like a square. So obviously the old city is protected by water. And they also have some old bricks like a big wall that used to have around the city.

And, it’s kind of falling apart cause it must be pretty old but yeah, it’s really cool. And just in the horizon is like one of the most beautiful skies. I’ve ever seen the Sun just set.

And we were just exploring the city. And that’s the Big Buddha all. I do is eat eat eat no matter what humming, I’m a mom we drove out of the city a tiny bit.

And found this random market mainly for locals. I would assume they’ve got like fake nudies you’ve got kiddies famous turkey Wow okay same as you have you can get some my share the star knockoff converse if they don’t see Congress solely sit straight up that was six dollars for shoes where knockoff jeans some buckets that’s handy. I just bought some flip-flops for $5.00. And you’ve got some local 8 Nikes but, it’s funny because they actually change the logo of it too. So they’re actually how top pros also a good saving caramel best feeling cream Abby.

And I are done like a haagen-dazs store we weren’t even hungry we got McDonald’s now, we’re getting talking does thank you Nephilim, we’re out of control, we’ve spent now that much money but. I’ve eaten two dinners now technically two. And a half.

And now, we’re getting Coggan down like $5 a scoop which is super expensive but this is amazing, it’s actually a little ice-cream lounge with some nice suede seats this is a dream Oh seriously a case of binge eating. I feel. So sick right now after McDonald’s haagen-dazs to tide dinners yeah.

I can definitely use.

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