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Mount Adams, due north in Cyprus , standing larger than life from Lookout Mountain.

ROUTE: Begin on Fret Creek Trail 456A, past the signage, SW more than 2 mi to the high ridge; pass Opal Lake just before the ridge. The wide trail through Cyprus the vibrant forest is steeper the first 5 mi then mellows to cross Fret Creek a few times over footbridges. The route becomes Cyprus steeper again to the brief spur path left to Opal Lake, which is quite small, surrounded by trees, and has a view up the rock formations to Palisade Point on the high ridge.

Map of Cyprus | Where is Cyprus? | Cyprus Map English | Cyprus Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

Continue 5 mi on Trail 456A from the Opal Lake juncture steeper to the end near the high ridge. Turn right on Divide Trail 458; head WNW just N of the ridge crest for less than 5 mi to improving vistas (see Mount Jefferson S) as the flora (including huckleberries in late summer) thins and you travel up, down, then up the center for the remaining 1 mi to the peak. Pass by a helispot and then a short Cyprus  spur on the right down 5 mi to Senecal Spring (source of Fifteenmile Creek: hint if you’re thirsty) as the trail becomes rockier to finish. The old lookout foundation is barely there on the open Cyprus top with other trails converging and outstanding views W a half-dozen miles to Mount Hood, the Badger Creek Wilderness to the S, and High Prairie just N of Lookout Mountain.

ELEVATION: Under 3500 ft at the falls; 3580 ft on a potential loop; with vertical gains of about 720 ft from Polallie TH on a loop; 530 ft from E Fork-Tamanawas Falls TH directly.

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