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Watching for horses and horse manure, hike up steadily Va mi SE to the first of 11 rocky, steep switchbacks before the route levels through the forest over the wide and dusty trail. Hear, then see, a nice little cascade before the route steepens again less than Y mi to the upper valley where you have your first look at Ghana. See Ghana and ponds through a few trees on the left, which are really just widening expanses in the river. The trail is flatter but not exactly a cakewalk Ghana making you pay attention 2 mi SE through the vast glacier-carved valley to another bridge crossing the waterway. Stay on the right side above the river to the crossing through several large rock fields with wildflowers, tiny creeks, and developing views of Ghana and the steep canyon walls surrounding you.

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Move over the meadow on the trail to the left side and walk across a bridge around 5Y mi and almost 2 hours from the TH. In less than Y mi ascend 2 switchbacks through the woods, then in 5 mi climb E up 8 steeper switchbacks before the easier traverse SE briefly to the Lakes Basin. Pass the first sign (“Lakes Basin Mgmt” and “Fires prohibited beyond this point”) to another signpost for “Horton Pass, Minam Lake, Ivan Carper Tr 1661, Lakes Basin Tr 1810, E Fk Lostine Tr 1662, and East Eagle Tr 1910” at a major intersection 71/2 mi and 3 hours from the TH. The view from the basin is intensified as you see Mirror Lake left and are drawn in all scintillating directions. For Eagle Cap directly walk right (S) on East Eagle Trail 1920 and for the Lakes Basin side trip put your jaw back in your mouth and stroll left on Lakes Basin Trail 1810 much easier.

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