Tarsier Monkeys And Chocolate Mountains

All right, we’ve had a really late start to the day. I had to wake up at like 3:00 in the morning with like three hours of sleep to do an interview with global global news.

And then a couple other ones too. So, it’s been pretty busy here but yeah we got our bike. And now we are going to go see the tars use.

And after that we will head to the Chocolate Hills we just got some supplies a couple Nescafe espresso shots a big water. And now, we’re gonna head off we just got a laundry taken care of. So, it’s like five dollars for having three kilograms done.

So, it’s pretty cheap how, we’re on Bohol which is one of the islands. And Central Visayas basically the center of the Philippines. And, I’m looking at this old church here.

And, I’m assuming that this is because of the earthquake that happen. I think it was 2013 the Philippines got hit by a massive earthquake followed by a massive monsoon. So, it’s just disastrous for the country.

And Bohol where we are now is actually like the center of the earthquake. So that only really that explains why the pillars are breaking. And all that which is really too bad because, it’s absolutely amazing this isn’t even the most beautiful side of the church but uh.

So cool to check it out now you can’t really tell too much that the earthquake was here. So I guess that’s a good sign that they were able to recover decently but I heard both it was almost like entirely destroyed during the earthquake the Philippines has an extremely Catholic influence because of the Spanish influence they had in the 1500s.

And you can tell that by all the Catholic churches they have a monument of Christ over than Philippines have been my best of all my traveling. So far having the best time just been lucky with everything everything’s gone as planned right now we have the best bike. I’ve ever driven, it’s super fun.

And easy to use. And we didn’t pay that much photos probably like eight nine dollars for the day. So really really cheap.

And cheap cheap nice. I can’t get over it like everyone’s helpful you can ask anyone for directions. And they’ll stop what they’re doing.

And I come over to help you. And, it’s funny actually like they obviously don’t get enough tourists or they appreciate it to us, I’m not sure which one it is but everytime we go around like everyone stopping waving. And staring.

And like but in a very polite way. So, it’s been really fun being here looking forward to more of it. And tomorrow we go meet a guy who we basically met through Instagram.

So that’s gonna be pretty interesting this is one of the coolest churches. I’ve ever seen like surrounded by palm trees. And it’s so old. So there’s a lot of history unfortunately. I don’t think we’ll be able to figure out the history.

So beautiful Abby’s going to confess her sins we’ll have to wait at least a couple hours for her to finish up. So nice. And here this church must be hundreds of years old found a burger joint, it’s buy one take one free you can buy a hamburger here for about 72 hamburgers for 70 cents Thank You angels Loren.

I got the nice pleasure of meeting all the village kids they come in like, we’re eating at a burger stand. And they come up to us. And they start asking for money but instead we bought them burgers.

And then those kids go off with their burgers like with the biggest smiles. And the next thing we know there’s two more kids that come looking for burgers. So, it’s kind of funny but they’ve definitely made their day.

So yeah they’re so happy everyone is Philippines has been nice to us might as well return the favor yeah here’s a not. So lucky Church all the walls crumbled.

And all the brick is falling apart you can actually see the roof over there, it’s totally mangled. And that’s all again from the earthquake that happened you okay. So as you can see here yeah we made it conservation every time that as you can see here here’s a charter cousin Conservation Area.

And we are here yeah. So here’s our entrance ticket, it’s actually really smart they give you a postcard. So you can send it home after you’re done.

And really mom. And dad you are gonna get this postcard before. I get this vlog up because, I’m Way behind.

So our friends told us that the tarsiers can die if they get too stressed. And here are the rules it says please observe in silence upon entering no shouting no flash photography no touching of the tears ears avoid shaking the branch smoking. And eating a strictly prohibited basically just don’t do anything around the start our zoos they are easily frightened or stress.

And they may die, we’re just gonna try to steal a couple put them in the bag. And bring them home well not all right folks here’s a quick update yeah 40 seconds in still no tarsiers there’s one there it is. So small.

So small it started to rain it started to rain. So they put a protection over top to keep the tarsiers of dry might not be an overly interesting vlog because they’re so small, it’s hard to see them but, it’s either sleeper dead what time is it, I’m different, I’m the selfie poles never been.

So helpful because the trousers are just like out of reach. So now. I can get nice.

And personal with them without breaking the rules too much like man. I’ve seen things you wouldn’t believe anyway come with us. I think, it’s gonna be really hard to get Attar’s yourself you learn avatars you’re hopeful over 100 tires use in there the largest tires you is six inches.

Tarsier Monkeys And Chocolate Mountains Photo Gallery

So there’s three in the school barely. So apparently they look. So lazy right now but apparently at night they come out.

And they can jump three to five meters but they’re nocturnal. So they’re not very active during the day but they’re very agile blurred vision that makes sense they don’t really notice when you move yeah do they have good hearing sensitive hearing yeah. And the only predators they face cats.

So they have to keep cats out of this little reserve but there’s about six or seven tars ears in this sanctuary they have about a hundred in the back there they’re all protected time for the towers your gift shop you too can have your very own clip-on tarsier come in all shapes. And sizes well, I’m very happy with how that turned out we got to see five or six stars ears oh yes, we’re doing that for sure that was actually really cool. I was expecting to be a bit bigger.

So it was hard to take photos or posts of them but Abby got some really good posts. And she has a camera that’s not too shy. And she could zoom in on her we have just arrived at the chocolate hills, we’re gonna go check out the top view point but that’s.

So cool they look like giant Hershey Kisses hey this is a workout we have made it to the viewing point in the very top of one of these little chocolate hills, it’s kind of cool slick palm trees everywhere. And then these random little humps 45 minutes till sunset. And we have to start heading back.

And we probably got about an hour. And a half. So we’ll be doing a bit of driving in the dark but the bike is headlight.

So the sooner we get back the better your lawyer vlogs now too. So, it’s like two stupid people with backpacks running around with two cameras to their face just getting excessive here folks something she bought a selfie pull too now. So now.

I have a pole she’s got a pole, it’s literally like a film crew.

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