What’s going on then. I am a basket hit 5,000 subscribers flood yeah three more that’s insane exactly so saying yeah really alright here we go. I feel like something would happen no that was me I’m just kidding let’s once you left cheek oh yeah wave doesn’t belong right there guys they’ll just hit 5,000 subjects. I am so much feeling. I knew. I knew how subscribes. I mean it’s when Fox has some people it’s not a big number with me days so that’s really exciting super exciting man congratulations thank you just the beginning good morning Ronnie morning ah good morning yeah exactly instead of ice cream is what escargot is a snail yum yum Ronnie you want to get them yeah go come back why don’t have breakfast how much did the calculator out big numbers antagonistic or negation are underway currently he wants 50. And then. I was like okay we can do 20. And he’s like are 525. And recently go that. I have fuzziness you live in Iran.

LOST IN CAMBODIA – Phnom Penh Photo Gallery

Open garage he’s like sir well this here is the Time Square Oh Cambodia probably one of the busiest streets in to Phnom Penh wood-eating Ronnie the land of opportunity get hit by horrifying yes opportunities everything no way look at what the scooter is pulling right now yeah what little Tank Engine you knew we could yeah stop making the most of our job that’s inspiring right there yeah don’t like – there’s a message that even when you think you can’t do it put your heart. And soul into it you can do anything just do it now from top ROM you run up top from your alright for today live in lavish man riding on three Ronnie would you do the honors would you please let me in here goes – oh thank you running oh it’s locked okay different guy thank you very much anyways paint my difference Kim’s name was there ah look at this one alright we’ve no doors. And you go to chop real mountain ah you’re going to show us where we go but we want to see the temple here temporality took room okay religious we are definitely outside of Pannell men now a little bit going into the more rural areas so we are probably about 45 minutes outside of the milk bed.

And it really didn’t take long for the cities to become barriers like. I don’t know how would you put it rural very like underdeveloped. And there’s lots. And lots of garbage everywhere if you just show them right now everything we go by is mobile flakes a pseudo Lance hill we just really unfortunate but it goes to show like Cambodia is very much a poor country but I’m excited to tomorrow be going down further self we’re going to be getting outside of the big city overall. I think we all agree that the Phnom Penh is interesting for a day but really more or less a place to just kind of blank. And then maybe move on to go see something else in Cambodia. I personally would not recommend spending any more than the two days that we’re going to spend right now we’re on our way to go to a set of temples that are about an hour. And 15 minutes outside of Pannell fence. I think it goes top from top um go with a CA excited. I think it looks like kind of like a numerator kind of thing it’ll definitely be much smaller than the temples we’ll be seeing in Siem Reap but it’s cool to see what we don’t penthouse all offer right now we’re like pretty much like covered in a thin layer of dirt we were going through the outskirts. And there’s all these massive 14 wheelers. I guess it’s an 18-wheeler truck going by. And just picking up dust is like all over me but we stopped at a gas station we’re going to get some to drink flow 7up loads of intense long took those dolls right here yeah her tribe’s name is James Bond so the essentials for Cambodia definitely get yourself an espresso can. And hungry why not nibble on some chicken teeth so picks up excuse lentils got some some chicken feet those shots are ready to go.

And I don’t know how much further it is but it can’t be that much further definitely looks a lot like a Siem Reap simple like a anchor what kind of thing Oh see don’t sound Oh so what do you guys think of it was it worth the trip out I’m asking if Temple Run yeah like I’m not sick of Kadam Penn but I definitely needed like a breather yeah yeah you need a break. And this is definitely good raid unless somewhere less populated yeah Joe look at that all the way out here the Olympic podium just waiting right outside a tough room this is a after they held the 1932 pole vaulting events there’s really not that many tourists. I mean. I expected to see a lot more travelers someone like the higher end hotels of course you’re seeing people who are from outside of Cambodia but for the most part I’ve had a hard time putting my finger on like where’s the place where the foreigners go to hang out sometimes it’s a great thing to not have people around. And you come to places like top Rome where literally the only tourists here there’s some locals here who are you know trying to sell you stuff like flowers. And whatever but it’s kind of cool to have this to ourselves all right guys Maria’s here we are currently in the midst of Cambodia. I haven’t seen civilization for over six years now he called the careful there’s treasure hidden somewhere inside this Templar here but if you step on the wrong things you could trigger the booby trap. And it’s not the kind of boobies you’re like oh my gosh hidden treasures vanilla.

I’ve read of it in the book hold it’s done between me as a donation bin in the treasure of the loft hello how are you what’s your name Lee ah my name is Christian nice to meet you nice to nice oh thank you very much nice to meet you goodbye whatever but knows oldest office yeah all right guys so we’re doing our last drone flight just kind of taken in the sunset. And we’re probably going to leave in like 10 minutes we’re back to Phnom Penh. And I don’t know probably start editing yeah. I think we pretty much wrapped up pnom pen like if. I could put in a nutshell it’s a it’s a place that you could see in like a day or two the places that. I recommend definitely like king’s palace that we saw yesterday. And then this for me as well if you’re not going to go to Siem Reap this is something you should come see here is what’s your name ha ha hee hyung Lee hyung nice to meet you Lee hyung so go Ronnie’s driving around on the cooktop look at that film set he’s not only a drone hero but this guy’s hooked Oh Kira if you can look past all the dust in the debris you’re getting a world-famous Cambodian sunset right now like. I said I’m having a hard time keeping my eyes open to lose so much jobs but is not it beautiful your second home a risky one the only hotel. I say. And when I come to Phnom Penh have you ever had something tragic happen in your life because we have dominoes we try to call them the phone didn’t work like they don’t have a phone number here in Cambodia. I don’t know why now like the first settlers of Cambodia we must leave our comfortable abode. And go. And look for food that’s looking pretty good right now hello what are we going to eat how much to Riverside High yeah how much oh my god what uh okay give me two dollars no no oh my god right back no no you guys okay so. I think it’s official after having a meal here tonight. I don’t think we’re going to have like top-notch food well in Cambodia because even this place here is like extremely Western like this was a rather high-end meal. And the food here was very mediocre at best you know. And let’s go back to the hotel drops off fire to cook. And it’s time to go to bed we’re going to start editing everything is all linked down below so make sure to check that out. And let’s go lost again tomorrow you.

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