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So we are off to Grand Palace which is where the king used to live but now he doesn’t live there. So, it’s like one of the big temples in Thailand. And my GoPro is officially screwed up but.

I don’t think, it’s too noticeable the lenses scratch, I’m going to indicate today to try to get a fix hopefully they can buff it out but we’ll see we have arrived here at the Grand Palace, it’s like the Disneyland of Bangkok just less children. And less cry. I said yeah we live here thank God clothes anything policy, we’ve been stopped three times now with people telling us those free tuk-tuks we think, it’s a scam but we don’t know we are in the knockoff grand temple, it’s not as big.

And not as cool but the other one costs 500 baht. And, it’s only open for another 30 minutes. So it wasn’t worth doing that one today we’ll do it in the morning.

So Abby, it’s putting your pants on because women have a different dress code than men men can pretty much wear anything they want. And then women have to cover pretty much their entire bodies this is. So cool he declared listen big Pete every day we just likes flowering out here we out here Grandin.

I don’t understand what’s the point golden mountain yeah. I just stepped in a puddle do it again pound it babe. So we are overlooking some of Bangkok pretty funny you can see like some traditional buildings next to like really sketchy shanty houses the poverty versus the world.

And then you see skyscrapers way in the distance, I’m vlogging Abby’s vlog series. And Paul is vlogging me. So follow us all on our vlogs yes why are you taking the shoes off put on your shoes but everyone’s taking them.

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I don’t understand. I made a keep my shoes on put on your shoes. I feel like they mistranslated ooh yes please very cross sweater which looks like, it’s being basically getting a facelift right now just do bag because.

I don’t think you can climb it because they’re doing maintenance work on it, it’s kind of fitting that, I’m finishing my trip here today is my last full day in Bangkok. And, it’s actually where. I started my exchange by visiting watts.

I do them. So good way to end it there are so many black cats here hello mr.

Kitty. So what item is under construction. And it is not worth seeing.

So, we’re not gonna pay to go see scaffolding but on the bright side look at all these cats that one will be Jerry that one will be Terry that well see you guys, I’m used to off the banks ooh see you later. I hoped I’d never have to say this but we are back in MBK which is basically the maps of mall where you have to barter for everything. And everyone’s trying to rip you off but, it’s kind of like the place where there’s a lot of lek tronic stuff.

So, I’m gonna try to get my camera lens repaired. So hopefully that giant scratch on the front of my GoPro is gonna be gone after today. So after checking every camera shop in MBK nothing can be done to fix this stupid GoPro lens.

So really upsetting, it’s things like $500 to the camera. And there’s nothing. I can do about it at this point things are pretty bummed.

I don’t know. I might have to just stick with it or. I might just go buy a new.

And I can’t decide yet. I’ve also contacted GoPro. And, I’m really hoping they can help me out but, I’m not having my hopes on that one now, we’re gonna go get some ice cream but.

I don’t think that screw will taste very good cuz, I’m just like. So we are at cm Center where, we’re looking for the Magnum cafe where you can make your own Magnum ice cream. And would not stop talking about it.

So she finally pressured me to come here Abby’s gone borderline insane she’s actually become crazy obsessed with getting here. And, we’re finally here the Magnum shop in cm Paragon, we’ve arrived at the Magnum bar where you can customize a little ice cream Abby’s going crazy. I think, I’m just gonna get one of those premade one deliver the goods tonight, we’re gonna go for the last night out for me in Bangkok maybe ever.

So hopefully, it’s a good one, it’s been an awesome exchange like if anyone has the opportunity to on exchange. I highly recommend it especially to go to Asia like everything is. So cheap everything’s.

So easy to travel to. And the people are awesome once you get past like the idea of going like into a foreign country that has some significant differences like you’ll have the best time, it’s it’s honestly just such an eye-opening experience. And even going to Europe you know any any opportunity you have to travel.

I would highly recommend it. So my exchange is coming to an end but fortunately her, we’re not her love. And unfortunately we keep traveling.

So, we’re gonna go through Philippines tomorrow, we’re leaving tomorrow night. And then from there, we’re going to Vietnam Indonesia. And then Japan.

And then, we’re gonna travel a bit through Eastern Canada. So we have a lot more traveling to do. And.

I’ve got a ton more vlogs to put up. So I got to get ahead of that but tonight’s will be our last night off hopefully, it’s a good one.

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