Having other plates, we’re off to another early morning we walk for like five, we’re going to Apple Island now. And we took a couple buses to get here, it’s like 7:00 now, we’re eating sticky rice with chocolate which. I guess is almond in the Philippines for breakfast to get to Apple Island.

I believe there’s a ferry but, we’re taking a private boat for reasons, I’m not really sure but, it’s two hundred fifty paces a person. So, it’s like. I don’t know under, it’s like ten dollars.

So, it’s not too bad that’s the rig we just arrived here in April Island. And, I’m not sure exactly where, we’re going right now. I think we can go to some snorkeling.

And. I’ve been busy all morning dealing with more emails more people contacting me, it’s like this elfia truly. I think.

I don’t know, it’s compared to but I think it could be the most viral selfie this ever happened what would you think lar. I can’t think of it like other than Ellen’s well Ellen’s selfie like was probably the world’s most viral.

And then. I would say, I’m close behind, it’s not up there with it, it’s like you ever seen any article that spreads at all no, it’s totally taken over I’ll let the geek in the pink take a stab at it if you like the way, I’m thinking baby win caddy. I may be skinny at times but upset for the rounds past me like animal grab oh well isn’t it delicious crazy baby in case we saw like three Turtles.

And I think the biggest one was like 11 years old. So it was like oh yeah big is really big apparently they got up to like 100 or. So from Finding Nemo so.


I heard maybe they can be like the size of my table at dinner table yeah not just anything okay not a corner table to your living room Anthony will hold on to the turtle say you’ve never done this before. And that’s cool. I want you guys you know.

And me give me the stone we have seen probably about five or six littles are here um. I’ve seen a few, I’m pretty sure has been at least four nice all right they all look like turtles they all have shells. And they float but they’re.

So cool. And action the bigger ones don’t really care if you follow them the small ones are a bit more timid. And they kind of run away a bit but the big ones you could literally like sit on its back.

And it probably wouldn’t care but you know allow it stucks in here which is good all right touch one she got called out. I actually accidentally touched one but I touched it on purpose we came through a little pathway over there.

And on us on this side of the beach is just unbelievable. I cannot wait to get in there it’s so hot out right now too.

So, I’m gonna need to take a good swim. And right there is like a big rock structure you actually jump off it but I don’t know if, I’m going to do that today.

So, we’ve got 20 more minutes here until we head back, we’re gonna take ferry back. I think, I’m on my last GoPro battery. So I think that might be in the vlogging for at least this island until we go back to the mainland maybe for the day we’ll see but, it’s been a really good day saw a lot of turtles.

And an amazing Beach oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh Fred death just called their pizzas arrive pizzas arrived. I had to throw some pants on. I was wearing underwear all day but you might not include that we have a nice hotel once how much this is probably about $30, it’s like actually oh my gosh the pieces here the pieces here you’re really greasing your on the bed for 200 no action 300 we got ourselves a medium-sized pizza.

And that’s probably about. I don’t know that’s like seven or eight dollars, it’s super cheap. And then includes delivery.

So now we please. And continue to stay in the room, I’m trying to get blogs up today because, I’m Way behind. And, I’m dealing with oh my gosh heck is this why.

I said get the family size cushion it says feeds two to three this is freaking horseshit Abby. And I just left our room or make it big steps make the big stretch for the day what else we can do today Abby, we’re gonna read scream ice cream yeah pizza was delivered to the room. So now we got a get on our feet.

And get our own dessert fending for ourselves against the elements right after that we’ll go back to the room though big dangerous troll there yeah.

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