Soneva Fushi The Best Restaurant in Maldives

Soneva Fushi offers the Maldives’ best dining options. There are more than nine restaurants to choose from (five are featured in this clip). This is ‘Fresh in the Garden’ Restaurant. It is set above the resort’s gardens, where the aromas of the herbs waft up from below. Fresh in the Garden serves Mediterranean cuisine. The dining venue is reached via a suspension bridge and features an open kitchen.

Fresh in the Garden has its own observatory. Guests can peer into space through the lenses of a state-of-the-art telescope. About 5 min by speedboat from the resort is aSI Once a week, guests are invited to enjoy cocktails on the sandbank at sui. Once a week, guests are invited to enjoy cocktails on the sandbank at sunset. The sandbank is a smear of white in the azure blue sea. Private dinners and even overnights stays can also be organized here. After sunset, guests are bloated back to the resort. A lavish buffet is offered twice a week at Mihiree Mithaa Restaurant (Tuesday & Saturday).

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The Asian inspired buffet is spectacular. In line with Soneva’s sustainability policy, no waste is generated. All home-made chocolates are offered to guests on a complimentary basis (24/7). Rice Crispy After dinner, a movie is screened at the outdoor cinema. Guests lie back in loungers as they immerse themselves in a surreal ambiance. Down to Earth is another restaurant at Soneva Fushi. International and South Asian dishes are offered on the beach. Out of the Blue is Soneva Fushi’s newest dining venue. Built overwater, Out of the Blue offers Vietnamese, Japanese and Indonesian cuisine.

Out of the Blue also features: A robata grill, josper grill, chocolate, ice cream parlors, and cheese room. Special Sushi and Sashimi Selection. Suimono Broth Served with dumplings. Prawn and Vegetable Tempura served with tentsuyu broth . Yellowfin Tuna Steak sauce served with grilled vegetables Or Grilled Salmon sauce served with grilled vegetables is also located at Out of the Blue. This sushi counter is run in partnership with three-starred Michelin Chef Kenji Gyoten. So Hands On Restaurant is also located at Out. Soneva Fushi regularly hosts celebrated chefs. This cements Soneva’s reputation as an epicurean destination.

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