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Shanghai is bustling. It’s always busy. There’s people everywhere, speeding to and from place to place. Sometimes, it’s fun to be part of all the commotion, experiencing what the people of Shanghai experience in their daily lives. While you may feel like a native, the disadvantage to getting caught up in all the chaos is all of the sights you’ll miss. When everything is moving so fast, beautiful moments can pass you by. If you’re visiting Shanghai, make sure you don’t deny yourself some tranquil aesthetic experiences.

1. Shanghai Museum

What better place is there to look at beautiful things than a historic museum? Unfortunately, you won’t find many good museums in China. China is notorious for having terrible museums, especially when it comes to anything that requires an English translation. The Shanghai Museum is the exception that proves the rule. It’s tourist friendly, it’s giant, and you could spend an entire day looking at all of the artifacts. Take it slow and go section by section there’s a lot to see.

2. ShanghART

Moganshan road houses one of the highest caliber art studios you’ll find in all of China. It’s easy to wander around aimlessly and find general art, but finding good art is a task in and of itself. At ShanghART you’ll find repurposed warehouses that serve as the workspaces of esteemed Chinese modern artists. If you show up at the right time, you may get to see them in action. Even if no one is currently working, there’s still plenty of paintings to view.
3. The Vue Bar

At the Vue, you’ll be able to get the view. This stylish modern bar and longue is located in the Hyatt on the Bund. From the terrace, you’ll be able to see the most interesting parts of the city. You’ll get a good look at both the bustling business district and the gorgeous waterfront, which shimmers in the evening. This is a great place to take a load off while you’re soaking things in. Just make sure that if you plan to upload and post your vacation pictures, you don’t rely on the public WiFi at the Hyatt, because open wireless in popular tourist locations can harm your laptop. Check out some VPN reviews on SecureThoughts or other websites and choose a repuable VPN to protect your connection.

4. Yu Garden

Yu Garden is a great blend of native plants and stylized architecture. It creates a space in the city where everything can stand still for just a moment, allowing you to find some peace of mind. Yu Gardens feels like a piece of old China that’s been trapped in time, waiting for you to explore it. Grab a cup of tea from one of the street stands and drink it tranquil solitude. It’s best to go in the morning, before other people make their way in.

5. Taikang Road

With all of its little specialty shops and eateries, Taikang Road is nothing less than charming. These narrow streets, designed to be navigated by pedestrians, take you on an enchanting voyage that almost feels like a fantasy. During the day, Taikang Road seems like a beautiful shopping district. At night, it lights up and radiates a warm ambiance. You’ll be able to find everything here, from souvenir art to local street food.

One of the best pieces of advice about navigating Shanghai that can ever be given is simple: follow the side roads. It’s a popular tourist destination, but a lot of people live there. They’re using the major roads and modes of transportation to go about their everyday lives. When you venture off the beaten path, that’s when you’ll find inspiration in the gorgeous wonders of the city.

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