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Do you remember when did you had a heart to heart with your parents, those lovely time spend with them during childhood, those hide and seek moments that has always made way to your memories but now somewhere lost in the busy schedule of your life. Work tensions, busy working hours, marriage responsibilities and your own children hardly give you time to get connected with your or your spouse’s parents. Moreover, living in a nuclear family, children have no scope to get connected with their grandparents.

You wish you could rekindle that time and resorts on Kanakapura Road offers you an opportunity to call back all happy memories. You can opt for gene vacation or multi-generation family trips. This is the upcoming trend of the youngsters. This is the most adopted way of getting connected with parents and children at the same time. This family reunion helps children get in touch with their grandparents as well.

Today children are living in a virtual world. They are losing interaction with nature all together. These hills and valley resorts fostera green atmosphere.The importance of green atmosphere needs no description. While you enjoy your vacation rejuvenating and refreshing your life, living together helps your children and your parents develop a strong relationship. It helps cultivate emotional values amongst the children.

Several fun- packed activities that are organized at the best resorts near Bangalore will keep you occupied. Cave exploration, target shooting, shapes and colors, pipeline, twister, pottery are just handful to name the activities that are USB of these resorts. Getting involved in these activities nurture emotional values that the society is lacking behind.

This way you get best of both worlds. On one side you are spending time with children and parents and your children are enjoying the closeness of their grandparents. Plus, this family union fosters love and respect amongst the members. This way it becomes an excellent team outing places in Bangalore. Working in a team facilitates qualities like leadership, joint coordination, sharing and caring. These resorts on Kanakapura Road comprises of an array of team activities that need a group or more people to get involved.

As your trip includes different age groups and every age group have different taste buds. To meet the eatery demands of all age groups, food is served accordingly. Where your children enjoy food of their choice, your parents are also not overlooked. They get food of their choice. Resorts are full of eating varieties, so that no one is ignored. Thus, making trips to these resorts as one of the wisest choices amongst the youngsters that helps them get reconnected with younger and older generation. Plus resorts help you get involved in activities that carry memories of your past. So, this time it’s not a solo vacation, but its latest and updated version: gene vacation.

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