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Home safety should be an important aspect of vacation planning. When making these plans, it’s good to include a list of priorities and safety needs, both for the weekend getaway and for the house that will be left behind. It gives peace of mind to know that things are in place and nothing is taken in a burglary.

House safety involves more than keeping doors locked and turning on cameras and other security devices. To make the house safe for real, it’s better to contact an experienced and cheap locksmith in Atlanta (to enquire about other effective ways to keep the property safe while being out of town), ask a friend or a neighbor to keep an eye on the house and implementing some burglary prevention methods.

Keep in mind that experienced burglars can easily detect an unpopulated house, unless some security measures are taken to keep them away. Here are a few safety tips that work:

Keep Mails in Check

If there is a way to hold mails until the vacation is over, make the necessary arrangements to get it done. A pile of paper in the mailbox is an indication that no one is at home. If that option is not possible, ask a neighbor or friend to collect them as they come.

Do not Advertise Vacation Statuses

Avoid posting vacation schedules on social media and other public platforms. These statuses can reach the wrong people, who shouldn’t know that your house will remain unattended for a few days (or even more).

Moreover, nowadays insurance companies void the policies of those who had their houses burglarized while being on vacation, if vacation statuses were published by the victim on social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook. Yes, an innocent beach selfie can trigger big problems.

Keep the Home Alive

Setting gadgets that have timers to go on and off at specified times, is another way to trick criminals. This can be done with lights, radio, or even a television. Creating an illusion that someone is inside the house is one of the oldest tricks in the book (and it still works!).

Additionally, arrange for the lawn to get mowed and the snow removal service company to continue doing their job. And if it will not pose a problem, ask a friend or neighbor to monitor the maintenance crew while they’re working.

If the house will be unoccupied for a long period, give a spare key to a reliable person and ask them to check in occasionally, in order to see ensure that everything is going well. On top of that, if this person is trustworthy enough, why not ask him/her to stay at the house?

In Conclusion

Many burglars and thieves are smart and experienced enough to find their way into a house, whether such devices as security cameras or alarms are used or not. These tools can catch someone in the act, not prevent it from happening. The trick is to keep these criminals away and prevent them from trying to break into the house. Use the tips of a qualified locksmith and the aforementioned tricks, in order to make them believe that they shouldn’t even try to mess around with your property!

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