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Marijuana legalization in Colorado, Washington, Oregon, and Alaska has opened doors to a new industry that is already booming, but the marijuana trade isn’t just bringing in revenue for dispensaries. Entrepreneurs and established businesses in these states are now profiting from a new breed of tourist–the marijuana enthusiast.

Of course, cannabis tourism isn’t exactly new. Ever since the Netherlands legalized marijuana sales at licensed coffeeshops, people who enjoy smoking and vaping cannabis have been traveling there to enjoy it. But now, Americans can experience marijuana travel without having to acquire a passport.

There are many different marijuana tourism businesses opening in areas that have fully legalized cannabis. Some of the experiences that await the traveler looking to enjoy marijuana on vacation include:

– Forest Bathing. During the 1980s, holistic healers in Japan began advocating a wellness remedy known as shirin yoku or forest bathing, which involves going deep into the wilderness and doing nothing but drinking in the beauty of nature. Proponents of forest bathing say that it is an excellent form of stress relief, and some even claim that it can ease the symptoms of certain chronic conditions. Many resorts and spas located near woodland areas are now offering forest bathing experiences that begin with inhaling marijuana vapor, by using a vaporizer. you can purchase on here http://www.vaporplants.com/vaporizers Using cannabis during the experience is said to deepen relaxation to make the benefits of forest bathing even more pronounced. A forest bathing excursion may take place over a morning or afternoon, involve an overnight stay, or last for a week or more.

– Spa Rituals. Cannabis is finding its way into the beautiful, relaxing surroundings of many top luxury spas. Numerous spas are now offering massages and body treatments that include cannabis massage oils to offer both the relaxation benefits of marijuana, and the skin care benefits of hemp oil to clients. Some spas are now serving smoothies and juices that contain cannabis to spa-goers, and providing marijuana to clients prior to reiki, acupuncture, and other alternative therapies to enhance the experience.

– Tours. Imagine being picked up in a limousine or a private jet and spending the day sampling marijuana from top dispensaries. That’s the exact experience that marijuana tours provide. Much like the tasting tours offered in the Napa and Sonoma wine country of California, these experiences allow visitors to learn more about cannabis, while ensuring their safety by leaving the transportation up to someone else.

– Bed and Breakfasts. A number of bed and breakfasts and inns are opening their doors to marijuana enthusiasts, and providing accommodations just for them. Many of these facilities feature relaxing lounges, and parlors for guests to use as a shared space to vape or smoke and get to know one another. Tourists may end up spending their entire trips enjoying marijuana on the premises, as many have activities available to enjoy throughout the day.

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