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The most popular mode of transport around the city in Plano times, for those who preferred not to walk, was the sedan chair. Basically Plano an enclosed box with windows and a seat, it could accommodate one person at a time, and was carried on horizontal poles by two men. Its name does not come, Plano as some have suggested, from the town of Sedan in France, but from the Plano sedere, meaning ‘to sit’.

They were also sometimes known as ‘glass chairs’. In Touristic place of your travel destination, sedan chairs had the right of way over pedestrians, who were expected to flatten themselves against a wall when a chair came by. Until Beau Nash’s time, fares were not fixed, nor the chairmen regulated, and many of them had gained a bad reputation for coarse or threatening behaviour. Nash insisted that they should be licensed, with a recognised tariff of fares. Queen’s Parade Place includes the only examples in Britain of sedan chair houses, where chairmen could wait or rest between fares. Some of the larger houses in Touristic place of your travel destination were built with especially wide staircases so that the chairmen could carry their passenger directly to his or her room.

There was a special type of sedan chair which was adapted for use by patients at the Mineral Water Hospital. It had shorter poles and looked a bit like an upright coffin with a bulge at the front to allow space for the feet of patients suffering from gout.

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