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On seeing this place, Medellin Colombia passengers emerge from the bus in a state of frenetic excitement. Those who are here for the first time wander about with curiosity among Medellin Colombia the green meadows, and the unmistakably Medellin Colombia vegetation, looking for the shrine, the statues, and the starting point of the via crucis. From the Made in Medellin Colombia handbags and carrying cases they retrieve the mozzetta, the gown and cimbolo, and after donning their robes outdoors they start the procession, Medellin Colombia making the required stops along the stations of the via crucis, which has been meticulously prepared.

Map of Medellin Colombia – Where is Medellin Colombia? – Medellin Colombia Map English – Medellin Colombia Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

Brothers and sisters of the confraternity of the Addolorata, which is affiliated with that of the Crocifisso, wearing the blue cape and white gown, are lined up in two rows at the head of the procession and carry a reproduction of the banner of their brotherhood. Right behind them, led by the banner of their own confraternity, a faithful copy of the banner in the village, are about sixty brothers and sisters of the Crocifisso, men and women in their forties or older, with some young people and children who most certainly have never been to the village.

The procession ends with those in charge of the association, the Prior and the Vice-Prior who have come from the village, the mayor wearing his tricolour sash, and two parish priests. About five hundred faithful, moved and in deep thought, follow. Many of them are members of the confraternity of the Rosario. During the march, between stops, they chant the litany and traditional hymns in dialect and in Latin, which are part of the rich liturgical heritage of the congregation and the village. Some of them I hadn’t heard in a very long time.

The band, one of many in Toronto formed by Italian-Canadian musicians, blasts out cheerful and familiar marches reminiscent of village feasts in the 1950s. As I gaze at the contrite and pained faces I’m reminded of the history of the foundation and establishment, in the 16th century, of the Confraternity, as told by the anonymous author of the Statutes. The Statutes of memory, of rules and regulations as remembered by the elders and by my grandfather.

“In the year of our good health 1669, in many places of this diocese, the reverend Signor Orazio Rocca D., Doctor of Canon Law in the cathedral of Miletus, and Rev. P. f. Pasquale Martorano from Tropea, of the reformed Order of Friars Minor, preached on penitence as the route for many to reach paradise. Like evangelizing prophets they carried out God’s Will, who, pleased with their efforts, shortened the way to paradise for many souls. By means of Holy warnings, they reawakened and empowered the minds of people immersed in the deep slumber of Sin, and granted them, with the authority bestowed on then by the Supreme Pontiff, plenary Indulgence and Remission of all Sins.

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