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So stay well, it’s really the first full day here in alona beach in southern Bohol. And today we were gonna wake up her we were going to wake up early but it didn’t happen yeah no thank you yeah we were gonna wake up early but then. I was up to like 4:00 in the morning last night dealing with my fame basically one of my selfies with an elephant went totally viral.

And I did interviews with newscasts. And local news agencies. And, it’s yes all my friends are contacting me saying this Abby.

I made the news too all my friends are contacting me telling me that, I’m in the newspaper that, I’m on TV. And, it’s just totally blown up, it’s really funny how media today can just take such a small thing. And just you know make it the world’s business for one day or two.

So pretty cool hopefully I’ll get another selfie worth worth that kind of global attention but for now, we’re gonna focus on enjoying our day here yeah, we’re gonna go get some food. And then from there. I don’t know maybe do a bit of snorkeling or something hmm we’ll see you a beach day going filming you see putting him to work we just ordered burgers.

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And burritos. And we split them. So we are about to enjoy an amazing lunch there’s actually.

So many dive places here on alona beach we might do diving tomorrow or no no hello jeanny me Gina you genius huh you know GoPro oh yeah. I know you’re asked about your wife yes my wife ya know yeah we got a picture picture oh yeah. I’ve been eating a new profile picture on facebook.

So there were always a treat to meet the town drop you just like where’s your boyfriend. I was like. I right behind you like that is not creepy at all like he’s good Abby had a lot of fans here she’s actually been proposed to once in Seiki whore.

And I guess that guy definitely made a gummy yeah. So if Abby goes missing she’s either been kidnapped or she’s been taking or been kidnapped well or run off with the Filipino man sir Alberto is still kidnapped a lot of competition here guys you’re not fully confident your relationship do not bring your women here. So we had a beautiful view.

And then apparently all these Filipino women offering massages decided to block our view. So they’re all obnoxiously standing in front of the beach life’s pretty good here did some snorkeling saw way too many sea urchins. So I don’t know if, I’m down to go back out there, it’s literally a four lined in sea urchins which, I’m led to believe are poisonous.

And can hurt you. I don’t know. And then we saw a massive jellyfish kind of dangerous there are sea urchins everywhere oh my gosh we just one go he’s actually.

So fast. I don’t know if he’s stings always come into service he’s coming to the surface look oh. I know he’s been back down get lost that’s how it eats things.

So you’ve act. I’ve ever seen the posts where it crawls. And they eats things Nora.

And I are gonna go find some wine. And cheese. So that we can come back here.

And do some stargazing. So, it’s gonna be a really busy night tonight pretty jam-packed, I’m a bit stressed also really cool because my Instagram has been getting a lot of attention recently. I’ve had like some really big accounts follow me like.

I move out osomon who. I was like 2.3 million.

And. I’ve had GoPro photography which has like over a million. And I just started talking to a guy who’s actually famous for his photos in the Philippines.

And we will be meeting him in Cebu City the day after tomorrow. So we’ll be meeting him early in the morning on the 23rd. And he’s going to show us around Cebu.

So, I’m really excited about that we just ordered some food. And everything here seems to be grill style. So you actually pick out your raw meat.

And then they take it to the grill afterwards. And cook it. And bring it back to you.

So, it’s kind of nice for about let’s see here four dollars probably about four dollars we just got like a full meal. So four dollars each bone Appetit oh jeez that’s a big one oh it can move so much that is a type of starfish starving what other kind of fish do you see around here at night, I’m sweet shell crab go there is a massive pod of fish that we call the pod school master school fish they’re like they almost look like tadpoles though this Christian long worldwide phenomenon signing off see you later take take 1 take 3 this is Christian LeBlanc take the selfie master in the art of elephants I’ll see you later stay true.

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