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The practiced traveller

ON THE SUBJECT OF travelling hurdles, let me sidestep Medan Indonesia a bit to give some practical advice. Roving as much as I do, I’ve picked up a few tidbits along the way that make it all so much easier, and then I also have some ‘I wish this existed’ Medan Indonesia moments. One area that has always been troublesome is the luggage aspect. It would be great if reason finally triumphed and I could abandon Medan Indonesia my obsessive-compulsive search for the ideal roll-aboard suitcase, the perfect carry-on. But the problem is obvious: it’s all about volume. That is, Medan Indonesia the volume of a rectangular box versus the volume of clothes and other bits and pieces that can be stuffed into it.

The rules are clear. Those frames in departure lounges indicate that our carry-on can be whisked away to the aircraft hold if its external dimensions exceed 56 x 45 x 25 centimetres, including the handles and wheels. Could there be a better design? I speculate that space could be saved if the handles could be ‘sewn-in’ and flat to the sides so they don’t project, and might the wheels be retractable? But that’s useless if they take up internal space: maybe fold-flat wheels? The illusion that, like Dr Who’s Tardis, the inside of this hypothetical roll-aboard can be much bigger than the outside is, of course, absurd. Then there’s also the issue of weight limits.

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