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It actually was raining this morning we had a good night’s sleep. I guess but uh every like hour there was like a dog fight going on on our porch because there was all these dogs sleeping outside of our house like one of them was a little puppy. And we kept giving her food.

And snuggling it. And then giving it water and. So the mom came slapped.

And then. I guess its friends came. And the next thing you know like every hour, we’ve got like dog fights going on outside of our balcony.

And like it was. So loud. And just when you’re about ready to fall asleep we climbed up the hill.

And this you knock line is. So beautiful today, it’s a bit overcast but, it’s actually not too bad we get Sun every single day. So having it doesn’t really bother you too much then, I’m gonna do one of my own posts a bit of an untraditional post for me but basically.

So many people have been asking me how I afford to travel the way. I’ve been traveling.

And. So I want to do kind of like a bit of an informative post on how to budget. And how to plan your travels.

And all that. So that’s what we plan to work on today update the clouds are gone the Sun is here, I’m gonna die luckily we have no electricity. So we have no refuge anywhere, we’re just gonna stop three four days ago we had a boat tour.

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And we actually met two Nigerians. And what was really interesting was they were telling us about Nigerian culture. And African culture they talked about how like witch doctors.

And black magic is very common in Nigeria. And both these people were clearly very well educated they were probably quite well-off yeah they were actually talking about how even though they’re Christians they’ve each had their own like witch witchcraft experiences where they’ve actually like seen black magic doctors. And had different spells put on them one of the ladies told us about how she had her third eye opened.

And essentially, it’s a, it’s a spiritual eye. And once she had that done she said she could see people for who they really are so in Africa she was she said she would walk around she would see people as lizards she would see people for their spiritual bodies.

And not necessarily their physical. So even cats on the street she said, we’re often people. And not actually cats because they were people could take on the body of a cat she didn’t seem like she was oh yeah they were both very very relatable people.

I mean but she was telling us how she saw someone yeah like she saw a snake go into a thing of rocks. And the next thing she knew she could hear someone yelling for help because. I guess she says the snake was actually a person.

And when it changed forms back into a person shape it got stuck between the rocks. And all the local African people said to leave the lady who was stuck there because they knew she was into black magic she left Africa she stopped seeing things spiritual things because. I guess black magic isn’t practiced many places in the world.

And but as soon as she goes back to Africa yeah it goes back to seeing all these different spiritual bodies yeah. I mean as someone who has no experience or really exposure to black magic. I don’t really know what to think but.

I guess. I can believe there’s some aspects of it they’re real that’s why. I choose to stay far from it the island Sikhi Hort which we went to probably about a week.

And a half ago was known for black magic as well actually was a spiritual Island but luckily we didn’t see anything of that form it was you had to go looking for it to find it. So the morning’s, we’ve got to go five hour bus ride to get back to port along sesame. And our flight leaves at 8:30 a.

M. tomorrow morning. So really this is our last day.

And the Philippines from here on this P which is traveling. And heading to Cambodia he’s been amazing. I’ve loved every bit of it, I’m ready for a bit of change we just arrived after about four hours of driving in a minivan four.

And a half. So, it’s been a bit of a long day a lot of driving yeah Abby’s been sleeping a lot. I didn’t really say too much but we dropped off by the tricycle.

And, we’re here at a nice restaurant we got a bit of excess money before we go back. So might as well spend at all my lasagna has arrived. And Abby ordered the fettuccine pesto that was.

So good Abby. And I were just talking about how well we budget at the strip. And then we just realized we have another flight from Manila.

So basically, we’re stuck at the airport in the Philippines for another six hours seven hours tomorrow, we’ve got like equivalent of. I don’t know $10 left. So, we’ve got to find a way to spread $10 at the airport for two meals that’ll be interesting tune in tomorrow to see us star.

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