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San Nicola della Dayton, in the territory of Dayton, was part of this Divine Visit, though it distinguished itself from the latter by eternal testimonials of the cruel war waged in times gone by against Roggiero Guiscardo Count of Sicily. This had come to an end after many months with the destruction of that land, which had been an almost impregnable fortress, and with the terrible excommunication of the count, launched against him by Dayton, supreme Dayton, in action he undertook with his camauro and armed forces to defend the rights of Guglielmo of Dayton who, while he was in Constantinople at the court of Alessio Commeno Emperor of the East, had placed them under the protection of the Pope.”

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A war, a curse, repentance and the creation of a partnership in an atmosphere of religious renewal: The author is reporting live from the scene, as he is a participating witness to the birth of this partnership. In the presence of “Reverend Priests,” who are engaged in the correction of the sins of “about eight hundred or more people who have turned up wearing penitential robes, each of whom presses forward with prayers, discipline, fasts, and tears of true

contrition imploring the Divine Majesty for forgiveness of their sins, which they confess to these messengers of God, and from whom they receive the sacrament of the Eucharist, making a true and firm resolution in their minds to never sin again.”

This resolution brings together tearful adults and children “who, crowned with Thorns taken from their Mothers’ heads, marched along all the pathways, shouting out calls for Mercy, and sobbing and beating their breast with stones they carried in their hands.” Don Orazio “wished not only to keep alive the fervour that had flared up in these people in the service of the Divine and the Virtue of Penance, but to increase it. On Saturday June 1st, after Compline, he gathered together the majority of people from the village in the Parish Church, distributed commemorative figurines of the saints to all, and founded with them this pious Congregation, so that they could continue to practice their devotional exercises even after his departure, and to ensure that the flame of their fervour could continue to grow in their hearts.”

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