Trip to Bagan Temples

It’s $15 for this room. And, I’m sharing this with the guy we met from Canada now let’s take a look at the good stuff here are the amenities you got a nice luxurious nozzle which you turn there.

And you got a nice cold water that comes down in you comes with a little towel wrap which is great for drying yourself, it’s really handy. And just step over here. And we’ll check out the beautifully handcrafted toilets.

So you got a nice little open hole there looks like it wasn’t flushed you kind of just stand there hope things work out just packing getting ready to head out every time. I go out. I bring a little tiny bag to put inside my big travel bag.

So this is for the day trips. And then this is for going destination to destination sunglasses don’t need that right now got Abby she comes traveling with me this morning went for a jog around the Burmese neighborhood it was. So cool because you actually see how a lot of the world really lives in it you know it’s so poor but at the same time everyone seems very happy we didn’t past like anyone without them smiling. And waving. So, it’s kind of cool to be in a country where tourism is not big and.

So, it’s very interesting for them to see foreigners, it’s from from a tree from the trees what is how do you make this they grind it up yes very cool. So that’s what they make a virtual yo-yo for a dollar-fifty we got fried rice chicken tea a coffee. And apparently you got a free cigarette, it’s just a piece of rolled tobacco leaf we upgraded our bikes.

Trip to Bagan Temples Photo Gallery

And now we can actually get moving except me. I’ve got stuck with this one this is. So cool everywhere you go you just see countless temples it never ends whoa got a wild dog or is that like a dingo, it’s probably dog not surprisingly the Internet is terrible out here everywhere but, I’m tempting to FaceTime Abby success hey what’s up yeah in the middle of the desert this is somewhere.

I could live look at this place very nice is a massive Buddha on every side of the temple they have one of these. So there’s four massive buddhas in here each of them over a hundred feet right, we’ve had a couple people come close to falling cuz, it’s just like loose dirt but doing all right the bikes aren’t too fast anyways they go like 30 kilometers an hour at max. So a fall wouldn’t be the end of the world but it’s so cool here it looks like Africa untouched purba we are the only tourists out here you get the occasional villager there’s three little kids walking down there but other than that, it’s just us exploring hello how are you this is like a full-on Burmese village like there are no visitors here, we’ve been biking in one direction for the longest time. And a couple batteries are almost dead. So I do not know how, we’re getting back hello, we’re gonna probably end up staying the night here at this rate Oh a giant cactus.

I actually feel like, I’m in the middle of like an African village or something it’s so cool this is definitely one of the top experiences of my life this is. So awesome wouldn’t be a good start without a complication we are at the queen house Bagon restaurant in the middle of who knows where.

And Eliot’s battery’s dead. So we have to find a way to get back to the village really quick because our bus leaves in like an hour. And a half.

And we don’t know. So, we’re making our way back the guy who works at the bike store drove us a couple of new batteries. So everyone’s up.

And going again but we have 20 minutes to make it back to our bus. And I think really half an hour away. So fingers crossed thank you.

So much thank you that is the owner of the bike store everyone is. So friendly here like he’s literally guiding us back to make sure we get home in time. So that was really nice of him because we were about to turn left when, we’re supposed to go straight but that’s pretty much what, it’s been like the whole trip everyone from Myanmar is just.

So unbelievably kind that was. So bad they had like 25 people in here some of them hanging off the side. And then a bunch inside including myself.

I was dead in the middle. So my knees are killing me for $11 the boys got real lucky you got like over a meter like space.

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