Britany degrees we don’t care.

So last night a few of us stayed in this room as you can see, it’s it’s modest at best. I mean. I guess at least the sheets were clean last month probably maybe not don’t ask me how we ended up staying here but at least it has its own private bathroom suite right, I’m a chicken take a look at my creative very very cool when we got here there was like a beetle that was probably about this big just chilling in the sink got a good opening.

So the mosquitos can come visit, it’s really like heaven here on earth the bamboo raft. And they’re gonna personally take us in on this rile gave your little thing twice your size. I’ve got the squad rolling up there’s Gabe six foot eight 325 pounds maybe maybe aisle five it but you got some fish food, we’re gonna go into the caves family there’s lots of fish in there.

So found love in a hopeless place oh it’s so nice. And cool here awesome.

So that’s. So cool, we’re taking a bamboo raft up there diem rafts these are nice rafts well constructed looks fairly sturdy. I think, I’m gonna stay dry cap.

And cap. So today it is 40 degrees here inch in Pi which is northern Thailand but, it’s actually really cooled down under this cave. I think the water.

And the cave itself oh. I see a bat goodbye into the cave. I’ve got fish food if you guys see fish this is awesome look at all those stalagmites.

THAM LOD CAVE – PAI Photo Gallery

And stalactites, I’m not sure which ones which. I think might hangs you got pace oh my gosh wild caveman all. I can hear bats nothing like a good flying rat that’s amazing, it’s actually gotta be like 200 feet tall in there oh okay can you put the light on the fish let it yak you light up there’s.

So many oh look at that column yeah imagine the first person to find this oh yeah it looks like a crocodile where is the anaconda oh. And now unless you can see the outline of something like a deer almost says here was prehistoric painting, it’s crazy hey back onto the raft all the fish are following us, we’ve obviously learned that boat means food there’s. So many of them.

I would hate to fall in this water look at them is a feeding frenzy this reminds me of that scene from Hercules you know the underworld with Hayden oh my gosh that was a big one what was that. And, we’re approaching the exit of a kid oh my gosh frenzy they’re gonna start eating each other well see you guys later like there’s like a fish in this entire area he just threw his whole bag of food. And they all swarmed in on that boat she’s the massive feeding frenzy all right our guides gonna start hating us let’s get moving.

So we reached the end of the cave. I think they’re taking us all the way back where we started our fishy friends are here for the follow hey guys don’t forget to follow me on Instagram would you feel. So nice to be back in the light though we made it that was actually awesome with all that for like $7 got our own private tour taken on bamboo boat the group.

I got one in Bangkok in this little tiny lady ripped me apart. I was like just like. I meant made it a mental goal to like to not say no to anything.

And she just like killed me. I was sore for two days the Fehlings in a car crash they’re so strong wiggle with it showed up in the bike gang now see with the baking that’s quite the squad.

So we got everyone here this is the big lookout point we biked up along that windy road all the way up this mountain come around here. And pie is on the other side of the mountain. So, we’re going down the valley now.

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