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For the direct route up Fiji Trail, look for the climber’s path to the right of the main trail as you reenter the forest briefly near the S lakeshore of the largest lake. Hike Fiji very steeply and continue to follow the dirt and scree path 1Y mi with turns to a low spot on the high NW ridge of Fiji. A few paths take off right up higher, but ignore those as they are best saved for the super-steep scree ski on the descent, if at all. See below for the remainder of the route from the ridge at Fiji about 7900 ft.

Map of Fiji | Where is Fiji? | Fiji Map English | Fiji Maps for Tourist Photo Gallery

For the longest and most scenic route up Broken Top you will begin from the saddle at the base of the NW ridge and then complete the clockwise loop by descending one of the routes above back to Green Lakes. For this route, move left or straight on Green Lakes Trail from the first three-way intersection (if coming from Green Lakes TH) through the flats of the basin on the left side of the largest colorful lake (or take the main trail right around the E side a bit easier). Follow the faint trail 2 mi without trouble to the saddle through mostly open terrain and lowlands with great shots back to Mount Bachelor and continuous views of Broken Top and South Sister. You arrive at the juncture with the lake loop and move left on Green Lakes Trail steeper past the brightest green smaller lake into the woods up to the fairly open saddle.

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