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Touring through America is a dream for many across the world. Particularly young people from the UK. However, many make the mistake of not preparing for the trip like They would for a non- English speaking resort.
There are of course online games and resources that you can do to brush up on your American knowledge But I would recommend you simply read my journals!

In this journal series I will cover what you need to know about the most popular American tourist spots and what and what not to do.

This particular article will focus on the world famous Los Angeles, California.
The main destination for many American first time visitors, after Seeing the city in computer games like GTA: 5, on television in shows like NCIS: LA and on YouTube with YouTube-ers like PrankvsPrank, many visitors come to experience the famous city of angles for themselves.

Sight seeing spots
Venice Beach
The first thing visitors to L.A head to is the beach in Venice. With beautiful white sand, an outdoor gym, cafes, novelty shops and the Santa Monica Pier it is a great place to start your visit.
Behavior wise, it is illegal to drink alcoholic beverages and light fires. I know it is a nice thought sitting round a bonfire with a few friends, having a beer, but doing that will get you in trouble.

Hollywood Sign and Griffith Observatory
Next on the list is the world famous Hollywood sign. You can arrange with travel companies organised trips to this and from there a journey to the Griffith Observatory. It is recommended that you visit both in one day to make a day out of it.

Hollywood Walk of Fame and Grauman’s Chinese theater
The Hollywood walk of fame is yet another world famous landmark, with superstars such as Scarlet Johanssen, Ryan Reynolds and Republican POTUS candidate Donald Trump.
It is always fun to see exactly who has been enshrined in stone and who hasn’t. Please don’t deface any of the signs by scratching or painting, this does not go down well.

From the Hollywood walk of fame leads on to the Grauman Chinese Theater which (in my opinion) is the best cinema complex in the world. Of course this is reflected in the price of the ticket though – expensive.

Beverly Hills
Another popular spot is Beverly Hills. With designer shops and luxury cars everywhere it really is a photographers paradise.

Los Angeles City Hall
The city Hall is a beautiful piece of architecture, standing proud on Spring Street. Housing the Mayors office and various councillors it is well a worth a trip to the set of L.A Confidential!

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