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Most experienced outdoorspeople learn not to base long-term plans on forecasts or place much trust in them, except when weather of unusual severity is predicted. If there’s any chance of a tornado, hurricane, floods, gale force winds, or other truly dangerous conditions, you’ll naturally want to be on the alert. Be prepared to leave quickly or head for safer ground. Perhaps you’ll want to remain at home in the first place. These kinds of conditions are relatively rare in most areas.

Since the predictions are so often wrong, it’s surely a waste of time to worry about unfavorable-sounding forecasts, or to be especially concerned about the weather in general. The best thing to do is to prepare in advance for every conceivable kind of weather and the widest possible range of temperatures. Raingear and warm clothing should always be brought, period.

Find out the lowest temperatures which would normally be expected in the area you’ll be visiting. Bring an appropriate amount of clothing plus some additional layers, just in case you should encounter a record cold wave. Of course the weather could also turn out to be consistently fair and mild. Sooner or later, however, you’ll probably take a trip where you need every bit of clothing you brought, and will feel thankful you have it along.

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