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If you have a green thumb, sufficient space and a good source of water, you can start a plant nursery. The nursery is a place where you can grow plants of different variety and sizes. It can be started at a wider level or a smaller level as per your finances and available space. It is important for you to complete all legal procedures before starting a nursery because you need a work permit, construction permit and proper insurance for your business. You will also be responsible to handle the gardening activities because the plants require proper care and maintenance. You should have some gardening skills to manage plants. It is important for you to determine when you need to buy new plants for your garden. Following are a few important tips and tricks that can help you:

Clay pots are really important for your garden; therefore, keep them clean and remove salt deposits with the help of white vinegar, alcohol and water. You can make this solution in a spray bottle and spray on the pots and leave them for something before planting anything in it.

You should avoid dirt accumulation under your fingernail while working in the garden and for this purpose; you can use a bar of soap and draw your fingernails across it. The soap will seal your nails and these may not collect dirt under them. The soap can be removed with the help of nailbrush.

Try to use long-handled garden tools because these will help you to avoid backache. It will be good to select the pots of different sizes to adjust plants in a better way. The clay pot should be turned into a hose guide and you can prevent damage by dragging the hose along the bed.

You can create natural markers to write the names of plants on the flat faces of stones of numerous sizes. Keep these stones near your plants or at the base of your plants for better identification.

You should control aphids with a strong blast of water from the hose and soap. A wide strip of tape can be wrapped around your hand and pat the leaves of plants that are infested with aphids. Focus on the undersides of leaves because the little bugs may hide there.

You can use chamomile tea to control the fungus because it may often attack young seedlings. You may add a spot of tea to the soil all around the base of seedlings at least once a week.

It will be good to add the water to boil and steam vegetables instead of pouring in the drain. It will give you surprising results because the vegetables taste really well.

The leftover tea or coffee can help you to acidify the soil of the ground, and you should add it in acid loving plants, such as blueberries, camellias and gardenias. A light sprinkling of leftover tea can maintain the pH of soil.

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