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When someone says where do you think the most beautiful castle in the world is located, what do you say? Europe is quite often known for their immaculate towers and breathtaking castles, but did you know that some of the world’s most beautiful palaces and castles are in the USA? No ESTA Visa will stop you from seeing these majestic castles. Go online to to get your ESTA Visa and explore all of these castles in one shot if you can handle it!

Biltmore Castle

Built by George Washington Vanderbilt II, this castle has a beautiful view with over 250 rooms. Biltmore Castle is located in North Carolina.

Boldt Castle

Boldt Castle is not just situated in New York, but in the heart of the Thousand Islands. This castle has a beautiful European edge to it that keeps everyone coming back.

Hearst Castle

Owned by the state of California, the Hearst Castle offers incredible amenities for tourists across the globe. Explore the castle while staying in one of 56 bedrooms offered for guests.

Amoroso Castle

In the Napa Valley, Amoroso Castle is one of the more publically known castles. This castle has inspiration from some of the most talented Italian builders and is an incredible tourist sight for many people.

The Breakers Castle

Lived in by millionaires, this castle may not be available for tours but is most definitely worth going to take a peek at. The Breakers Castle is located in Rhode Island.

The Lion and the Rose Castle

Inspired from European architecture, this castle is being sold for millions of dollars. There are many parts to this beautiful castle that symbolize animal life. The creators had a true passion for helping out animals.

Wings Castle

Near New York City, this castle was designed by a famous artist Peter Wing. What is so incredible about this castle is that it was built using 85% recycled materials around the New York State.

Cherokee Ranch and Castle

Truly one of a kind, the Cherokee Ranch and Castle was built completely out of volcanic rock. The castle has a beautiful tower top which allows for some of the most beautiful sunsets to be displayed.

Running Water Castle

Running Water Castle actually has various canals of spring water running through the grounds of the castle. These springs run into natural hot springs and situated on the top of the mountain next to the castle is a huge hot tub that run on mostly all mineral waters from the land.

Castle in the Clouds

Situated in the mountain top of Moultonborough, New Hampshire, Castle in the Clouds received this name given that its 5,500 acres castle sits on top of one of the tallest mountain tops in the area.

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