We’re now leaving max time which is where the Cebu Airport is. And we are going down south to Oslo where the whale shark swim, it’s about three hour drive down.

So we have to go to the bus terminal right now to catch a little serious but we will stop they don’t we go see the waterfall today, it’s too long. And, it’s an amazing market. So Abby.

And I are on a tightly packed Filipino series bus Abby. And I were supposed to get off at Oslo but instead we met people on the bus, we’re on. And, we’re joining them to go to see key water or a sink oh ah.

I forget what, it’s called but, we’re going to join them on an island weekend’s over there. And, we’re just waiting to catch the berry to go. I found an antelope which.

I haven’t had since being in Canada. And, it’s actually one of the best banana lips. I’ve ever had.

So, I’m very happy in Asia everywhere you buy : spray they come in glass bottles which is pretty cool pretty nifty if. I would say. So myself.

And the boat has arrived. So this is Melissa Melissa. And all of her friends from the Philippines are going to show us around it is is that it over there no okay that’s not it but we’ll find it to the other side.


And, we’re still here. So we need to take another boat which hopefully is still here we might have missed it we might stay here tonight but that’s okay Lauren. I just wanting to explore it illah peens.

And that’s what, we’re doing say hello both musical group. I heard mess in Thailand they have two coops in the Philippines they have tricycles they literally have these bikes strapped with side cars. And they’re basically just sitting on three wheels just hope it doesn’t flip.

And everything should be good, I’m in full backpacker mode right now two backpacks. I know this is me to take two people but this way all aboard what you knew that gets heavy attacks my friend Melissa keeps trying to get us to eat, it’s duck fetus, it’s called ballon. I guess, it’s a specialty in the Philippines okay is this happening here we yep there’s no way, I’m eating that can.

I do you exceed you can see its legs this is actually 16. So no attack but if you’re gonna fight the 18. And 20, it’s already have a peak in our life yeah oh my gosh.

So, it’s an unborn chicken j16 it has no body parts that are visible but you can tell there’s something in there that personal photographer fit for the trip. So this is how to hallo, it’s purple ice-cream with ice cereal. And milk some other stuff but, it’s amazing what our that’s true this is one of the most interesting desserts.

I’ve ever had, it’s got like, it’s got mangoes coconut has ube which is like this weird potato type thing inside of it had ice cream milk the things you see in bubble tea the jelly, it’s really good actually we are a karaoke bar sightings. And I hate things like a fear of mine but, we’re here anyways, we’re gonna try it out one part. So you’re ordered three liters what tastes like iced coffee, it’s basically like milk chocolates.

And everything else is good. And we just found it as in Filipino culture you actually drink from one glass. And you share with everyone.

So we expected them to be bringing out our glasses. And they were just like taking a while but turns out you share. I don’t even sing in the shower don’t say.

I don’t know my life, I’m trying to fight the song like this 1 2 3 drink throw em back til. I lose yeah, I’m suremachine.

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