The Hmong Tribe of SAPA Vietnam WEED GOATS

So last night. I basically did as much research as possible Lauren. I did.

And try to figure out how we can kind of take the account back and. So far not good at all because literally we did everything possible. And I thought.

I had my Instagram account totally locked down. And then it was immediately taken back like yeah 20 minutes later, it’s just. So annoying this guy needs to get a life.

And yep. So that’s that’s what my last night looked like. I was up to like 3:00 in the morning Abby died doing research we figured out who the guy is so we know 100% who he is we know pretty much everything about him but yeah, we’re pretty much at the mercy of him because we literally Instagram can’t do anything apparently like they keep resetting the password. And somehow. I take every precaution possible.

I unlike Facebook. I changed my password. I changed the link profile the linked email.

And immediately he’ll always get back in. So I don’t know what he’s done. I mean this guy’s we did some research he’s even like years ago this is a young kid.

And he’s involved in hacking. So we know that much. So a meeting point with Mama to do the big hike is here at the church.

The Hmong Tribe of SAPA Vietnam WEED GOATS Photo Gallery

And they all look the exact same. So now we have to figure out which one’s ours. I don’t know.

I made an agreement whether yesterday to meet here at 9:30 there’s a couple minutes late we went for the breakfast. And I got Wi-Fi. So I could talk to the hacker he’s now threatening to basically sell my account to someone else if.

I don’t pay for it. So oh there she is hello. So that’s been my day, I’m dealing with this little piece of who’s trying to sell my account off.

And yeah this is the main stop of village part. And basically, it’s got a track, it’s got a massive lake in the middle of it. And what’s really cool.

And that. I really like of it. So far is that it seems really authentic because often you’ll go to tourist places.

And they try to tell you like all the traditional culture. And show you how people used to live right here, it’s actually showing you what’s going on like presently they show you how people actually live. And, it’s been really cool because when we look Lauren.

I took the bike around yesterday. And we were actually seeing like the village people taking around baskets of like rice. And they were carrying around their farmers tools.

And they were working the fields like this is actually like real life for the people here in sapa which is awesome. So we get to see it firsthand today as we trek further up into the rice fields alright. So your mama right is that what they call you what’s where do we what do we call you.

I do. I do youtube posts. So I post all my vlog everything so.

I bring my camera around. And show people what, I’m doing. And I put it on the Internet yeah.

So show just told us that there’s basically well. I think there might be more but there’s two kinds of villagers here. And depending on what kind of headband they wear that kind of shows which tribe they’re associated with.

And they have different languages. And they can understand each other but they all speak getting to me. So that’s their common language.

And that’s how they communicate with each other that large patch of bushes over there is what they used to make indigo dye for their clothing. So they actually use the plants to color all their clothing. And cloth here.

And then the lady showed us a darker blue on her jacket. And I guess, it’s from hemp. So there’s marijuana that girls everywhere who.

And they use it as a dark blue dye. So I’ll be interesting to see how that works. I asked her if she could show us where the hemp is.

And we’ll learn their ways this is a stoners dream which is an endless field of marijuana Abby Abby I’ll see you up there, I’m just gonna spend some time down here. I need to relax now, I’m just playing guys don’t be like Justin Bieber don’t smoke the marihuana’s it will lead to depression that’s about it. So these are all green tea plants right but you don’t drink that you don’t drink that tea okay.

So you drink you drink marijuana tea instead sometimes how interesting yeah we’ll have to try that later yeah Wow or, it’s already a nice view nice reviews yeah. So, we’re about half an hour 45 minutes about half an hour up the three. And a half to four hour hike.

And this is the view, it’s quite lovely Australia just sounds like a place of immense danger wow that’s. So cool, it’s pretty cool we actually got someone else who joined our tour group. And her name’s Julie she’s like like she’s 32 she’s from Germany but she lived in Australia she’s telling us all our stories.

And she’s like such an outgoing person she does karate in the parking lot of like wherever she’s at. So she just karate twice a day. And she was saying how like yesterday she was doing karate.

And like all these tourists were taking photos likely Chinese because they’d love to take photos but she just like grabbed a piece of wood. And was karate chopping it. So she’s very free-spirited she also worked with Bulls in Australia in like the middle of nowhere.

So she’s telling us her stories. And that’s like one of my favorite parts is actually just like meeting people along the way like, we’ve met people in the weirdest places we met them on buses we pretty much made everyone know buses here we meet look, it’s the best place to meet people on dunwall oh my gosh marriage Awana hashtag 420 blaze it hey little guy you’re gonna be a beautiful butterfly one day but today is not that day you’re just a creepy little worm just like Abby one day you’ll blossom into a beautiful creature. So this is either three of the cutest little girls or three little girls who have learned to stand on command either way they’re very cute Oh bless you yeah bless you again mm-hmm yeah those are definitely three girls, we’re told to stand there but a cute Oh, we’ve noticed that there’s been two churches here in Sapa which is like a lot considering how small there is or how small the city is.

And we just asked. And actually. I guess there’s no Buddhism here in sapa.

So, I’m not sure why cuz all of Southeast Asia has been predominantly Buddhist except for here which is mainly Catholic. And Christian there lot happier than the girls huh bum bum mm-hmm long-long you see go pro, it’s a camera yeah right on see you guys get some pants see you later more interesting facts is apparently in their language here they actually don’t have a way of saying hello instead they just say where are you going. So that’s like the first.

I’ve ever heard where there’s no greeting in a language other interesting fact our guide is 26 years old. And she’s already got two babies. So we will meet them later in the village okay guys hi competition high-five yeah oh that was awesome yeah high-five boom the full bodies oh my gosh look at all the peas Wow oh my gosh, it’s kinda sad some mother tied up but the piglets are.

So cute the guys made me a horse out of like a fern they told me when I get tired. I can ride on it, it’s very nice though.

And this is the trek, we’re day, we’ve gone on to a bit of a path but, it’s awesome cuz, we’re literally in the middle of their villages now. So, we’re meeting some of the locals hearing a lot about their history how they live, it’s just really in fascination see such a different lifestyle there’s another huge patch of marijuana sighted they’re all stoners are they just use it for clothing dyeing which is what they claimed. I asked if the Chinese tourists like to do this hike.

And they said never like they never do it because everywhere you go you see the Chinese people they just love air-conditioned they love to be chauffeured everywhere they don’t really like the outdoorsy part. So. And when they do the outdoors like we saw yesterday they’re all wearing their heels just.

So they can take their pictures, it’s pretty funny just a big cultural difference yeah China’s 40 kilometers from here. So they get a lot of Chinese people see this never end. I realize this for the hand oh there is the chance Toto Lotus.

So we had to test peek at drive for in stunning never the good stuff like the skin on the hand. So then we had to do one spy one once by one really really low yeah very long standard if one neighboring the beautiful. And everything sometimes we might be tougher.

And angry girl. So this the this color is from the marijuana at this point of marijuana what did this time Wow yeah did do for these, it’s a very nice color yes smoke weed ever do people like eat eat just eat it no eat no Gary oh look at why he’s. So hairy he looks like a dog this is actually.

So cool yeah it would have been totally finally not fully fine. And my bags yeah okay well he’ll do this yeah cuz when we first got off the bus we were like okay time to do a four hour hike but then we realize it was too late. So we did a hotel night left all our bags there.

And luckily we have way less luggage should be carrying around now. So, it’s made the hike easier but, it’s actually not. So bad cuz.

I at first. I thought it was all for bush. And trees but this is much nicer they have like a nice little dirt path laid out me too.

I first was like yeah till 10 we here we gotta go back by night night bus tonight to Hanoi because early tomorrow morning we have to head to the airport. And then from there we are off to Bali which, I’m really excited about oh my gosh is. So many of them, it’s go look go Con 2015 you guys which ones Gary hey guys Filip Jefferson Franklin you guys made it man, I’m finally with my people hey guys squads relevant up on a Tuesday that one’s a big one you magical animals the little babies hold the back always getting trampled runs Catholic around here okay you can see the big church right down there very nice not as cool as seeing herd of goats well the highlights my day it’s so beautiful we’re so high up in the mountains you can actually see the clouds are very close to where we are we have to be at least you know, I’m not gonna guess how high we are, we’re high take me to church.

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